Vancouverite’s Japanese Cookbook “Let’s Cooking” Needs Your Help


One of our Strathcona neighbours, Japanese cooking instructor Hana Dethlefsen, has put together an uncomplicated and awesome-looking cookbook with the help of designer Chris von Szombathy.. It’s called Let’s Cooking, and she’s raising $7,000 to get it published. Her fundraising has been great after just two days (currently at $5,035), and she has another month and a half to reach her target. Give her a hand if you’re feeling flush and keen to get “cooking healthy, delicious, and authentic Japanese food with minimal fuss.” Man, that awasemiso soup with asuage and mushrooms looks so goooood!

Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out because they either represent Vancouver exceptionally well or are inherently super awesome in one way or another

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Honour Bound

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