Help The Historic WISE Hall Quiet A Neighbour’s Noise Complaints

The WISE Hall at 1882 Adanac St. is a non-profit heritage social organisation that has been rocking out in East Van since the early 1960’s. A new neighbour has been complaining about noise (10 times via phone and email in four months – welcome to Vancouver) so the management and the Nimbus School of Recording Arts have teamed up to do their best at soundproofing the joint. They’ve set up an Indiegogo drive – “Keep the Wise Alive” is the name – to give local arts and music lovers the opportunity to kick in a few bucks to help. Some background:

Over the years, the WISE has evolved and diversified beyond the original UK traditions and culture to embrace the entire east side social, arts and culture community. Operating a rental and performance hall upstairs and a member’s social lounge downstairs, the WISE Hall is an affordable and accessible space for the whole community to gather, perform and celebrate.

For the last 50 years, the WISE has been a venue that has supported and hosted a wide array of artistic, cultural, political and social events. From book launches to Burlesque, flea markets to fundraisers and Salsa to Sunday Gospel, the WISE has been host to it all. The Hall has also had many notable and amazing artists grace her stage, including, but certainly not limited to: Long John Baldry, Carole Pope, Don Ross, The Toasters, Gaye Delorme, Ray Condo, SNFU, Garnet Rogers, Cousin Harley, Sal Ferreras, Neko Case, Ladyhawk, Veda Hille, Rich Hope, Carolyn Mark and Youth Brigade.

From concerts and performances featuring the best BC artists, to being the shoot location for Jeff Wall’s 2012 ‘Band and Crowd’ the WISE has been a venue that is near and dear to many members of the diverse community of Vancouver’s east side.

In 2013, The WISE Hall was named one of Vancouver’s 125 Places that Matter by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and Vancouver 125; the plaque will be dedicated later this summer.

Yeah, and then came this one neighbour dude. Sheesh. So they’re looking to raise $10,000. They’ve already raised $4,800, and they have 27 days left to raise the rest. Let’s do it!

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  1. How does a neighbour – who has recently moved into a neighbourhood – successfully threaten and nearly shut down an existing, historical venue?

    This does not make any sense. There is a clearly a problem with the noise complaint process in this town – do we really want to the most curmudgeonly and anti-social people dictating the pace of things?

    Sometimes it’s important to look not at the complaint – but rather: the character of the person complaining.

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