Drinks Made With Elixirs From Pemberton Distillery


We recently bought a bottle of Pemberton Distillery’s “Handcrafted Black Cherry, Mint and Lime Cocktail & Soda Elixir” at the Dundarave Farmers Market. To make their elixirs, they add fresh fruits and herbs to a base of Golden Cariboo Honey from Cariboo Apiaries in Lillooet. The result is a grounded and rich blend that isn’t too sweet, lending itself well to both soda and spirits. Lorien, who makes the elixirs herself, was at the market and recommended that we use 2 parts elixir to 1 part soda or suitable booze. Her advice has served us well and we’ve been enjoying different variations of it on hot afternoons ever since. If you’re feeling creative, try picking up a bottle at Edible Canada at the Market, the Dundarave Farmers Market on Saturdays, or, better yet, go on a road trip and visit the source in Pemberton, where you’ll also find great local spirits.

Pemberton Distillery Black Cherry, Mint and Lime Elixir | $12 | DETAILS

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