TEA & TWO SLICES: On Sighing In Relief And Chucking Big Cups Of Water On People


by Sean Orr | Unreal estate: For Vancouver, housing and income don’t add up. Only 0.56 per cent of British Columbians declared incomes higher than $250,000. Oh great, so we are the 99.44 per cent.

It should probably be made into social housing: Vancouver mayor’s Douglas Park home listed for sale at $1.95 million. Like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz: “There is no bubble. There is no bubble.”

Now that the centre of the universe has been affected, can we finally talk about climate change? Toronto flash flood won’t come as a surprise to those who pay attention to climate change. Also not a surprise is how Rob Ford handled the crisis.

There’s got to be a better way! It’s not trains vs. pipelines, but why we’re relying on oil. Fine. Natural gas it is!

Related tweet of the day:

And we all collectively sighed in relief: Vancouver OKs tasting lounges for breweries and distilleries.

VPD scanner of the day: Police are responding to the Granville Street Bridge for two people who are dropping cups of water onto people below.

J’accuse: I saw you… do nothing. Keep ranting!

Khatsalano schedule is up. Although all you really needs to know is that we’re on at 4:15. Bring your own safety goggles.

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