TEA & TWO SLICES: On Choosing What To Protest And Never Going Back To The USA


by Sean Orr | Speak no evil: Politics viewed as “dirty word” for many Canadians. “Sixty per cent of Canadians say they haven’t discussed a political or societal issue face-to-face or over the phone even once in the past 12 months”. I guess that makes me Howard fucking Stern.

Vic Toews resigns ahead of cabinet shuffle. “Public safety minister wants to focus on family, private sector”. Translation: he just got offered a sweet corporate gig and his wife is tired of fielding angry phone calls about child pornography.

Blacklisted: Canadians with mental illnesses denied U.S. entry. I guess I’m not going to ‘Merica anytime soon.

Take it off: Strip club’s sign refers to young women as ‘fresh meat’ in neighbourhood where Pickton once preyed. And you were expecting a strip club to have good taste?

Instead of picketing fancy restaurants, maybe they should show up at this invite-only event: Vancouver 2020- Planning Vancouver’s Real Estate Future. That way they could really focus on the…oh…it’s not being held in the DTES? Nevermind.

Celebrating the things we have instead of bemoaning the things that might be lost: ‘The Lord’s Rain’ offers showers for Vancouver’s homeless. This is right across the street from big, bad, Pidgin. We can co-exist! It will be beautiful!

“I don’t know what it is, people just love a tiny house.” Tiny home for a homeless person itself homeless. “I want to lift a crate of forks with a fork lift, it would be so damn literal”- Mitch Hedberg.

Tweet of the day c/o Charlie Demers:

We see you: Think of yourself next (time) you ask whats wrong with this world.

First it was the Snakeheads…Giant hogweed invasion in Metro Vancouver much worse than originally feared. Burn.

Bonus: The Fox Theatre before the renovation.

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  1. [b]on Canadians with mental illness denied U.S entry[b]

    That’s super ironic. They won’t let Canadians with mental illness in but at the same time…they will sell americans with mental illness weapons and firearms.

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