SMOKE BREAK #1042: Fridges Full Of Beer In Europe Open Only To Canadian Travelers

This is mighty clever for an ad campagin, via:

To promote its beer in Europe, and help its fellow citizens be proud of where they come from, beer brand Molson Canadian teamed up with ad agency Rethink Canada to create beer fridges full of free beer and delivered them to various locations in Europe. However, unlike other ordinary fridges, the red beer fridges could only be opened when a Canadian passport was scanned. To access the free chilled beverages, crowds had to look for a someone from Canada.

Here’s how they made the fridges:

No matter what Canadian beer wonks might think of big bad Molson, it’s a pretty compelling ad concept.

There are 5 comments

  1. except if you did this in Canada you’d be charged, fined and possibly jailed.

  2. cute ad, but they’re missing the collective “spit take” that would surely happen in real life when those Europeans tasted that swill… 😉

  3. Meh—Molson (and ReThink) seem like they’re stuck peddling a mythic, self-congratulatory image of the “Canadian abroad”.

    They get extra fake points for the “Cheers1” with the tops still on the bottles.

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