TEA & TWO SLICES: On Shaving Gentrifying Heads And Riding On The Poor People’s Bus


by Sean Orr | We gave her a mandate! Christy Clark gets hammered at the Leos. “In Ontario, Rob Ford smokes crack, and here, Christy Clark makes everybody want to smoke crack.”

Well then, “actors”, you shouldn’t have picked ham and pineapple: First Past the Pizza. All that video did was make me hungry…for electoral reform! Am I right?

A page from the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” book: Vancouver sex worker has claimed that Premier Christy Clark does not care about people in her industry.

Spies like us: Mounties spied on native protest groups. Oh, and the Americans are spying on us. Oh, and so are the Canadians.

The lotus has not only be eaten, it has been digested, passed, and finally used as compost to grow more lotus. Exhibit A: Huff Po.

Although it’s been very difficult to take The Pickle Party COPE seriously lately, they have called on Vision to reject the Regional Context Statement.

At least I’m doing my part. What have you done?

Exclusive living: Vancouver condo deal falls through when strata says dog is two inches too tall. Go figure. Even condos hate people who live in condos.

How the other half lives: A bus full of knives, drugs and sometimes furniture: Welcome aboard the No. 20. Who knew Province columnist Gord McIntyre was a slumdog millionaire!

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