FED BY HAND: A Short Film On George And Debra Of Agassiz’ Outstanding “Farmhouse”

by John Gattey | This is the first Fed By Hand episode. My brother David and I filmed it at The Farmhouse Natural Cheeses out in Agassiz and it’s presented in association with Scout. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to George Boyes and Debra Amrein-Boyes, two vital parts to an equation that produces some of the best cheeses that I’ve ever tasted. It’s a hands-on, old school operation. The milk from the herd which George keeps happy and healthy travels barely 100 feet to the cheese-making facility where Debra takes over, producing superlative cloth-bound cheddars, bries, fermieres, and my personal favourite: the straw coloured, semi-soft Alpine Gold. A visit to their farmstead is highly recommended. It makes for a beautiful drive through the Fraser Valley, and is the sort of lazy Sunday activity that’s made all the more worthwhile by the reward of delicious cheese and good company. If Aggasiz is too much of stretch, their products can be found on Granville Island or at the wonderful Les Amis du Fromage. Watch for the next Fed By Hand episode soon!


Fed by Hand is a web series produced in Vancouver by the Gattey brothers (John, a professional cook and aspiring vagabond, and David, a fully-dedicated film geek). The series is dedicated to honest eating – the sort of simple, wholesome fare that satisfies stomach and soul – and the shining of spotlights on the people that make it possible.

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