TEA & TWO SLICES: On Unhappy Airports And Making Light Of Canada’s Wonderland

by Sean OrrTwo Canadians involved in Algerian terrorism attack. “How could anyone from this quiet, comfortable, middle-class neighbourhood end up waging jihad”? Holy shit! Do you still not know anything about terrorism? London, Madrid, New York – they were all quiet, comfortable, and middle-class…

Not a parody: Canada’s Wonderland. If I was someone who bought The National Review I would totally get the joke. But I’m not, so I don’t.

A cheap holiday in someone else’s misery: Hunger striker “Homeless Dave” brings Downtown Eastside demands to Vancouver City Hall. I hate to be cynical (even though it’s sort of my mandate), but what if Homeless Dave was given a home? Would he be all like, “Oh snap! See ya guys! I gotta move my stuff into this sweet new converted hotel that may or may not have bedbugs”, or would he be more like “Thanks, but I’m gonna keep calling myself Homeless Dave”?

A cheap nightmare in someone else’s holiday: Granville: regular street by day, low-rent Mardi Gras by night accompanied by police, ambulances, clean-up crews. Is this is good idea?. If you think the above two links are not related I’ll see your stupor and raise you a Balmoral, Savoy, Pantages, Blinding Light, Smiling Buddha, Niagara, Pig and Whistle, Brickyard, Town Pump, Columbia, and The Pic.

A microcosm: Vancouver airport ‘one of the unhappiest places on Earth’. Yup, welcoming people to the Best Place on Earth while trying to survive in the Most Expensive Place on Earth must get a wee tiresome.

Vancouver second-most traffic-congested city in N. America. And let’s keep it that way, thank you. Also, buy way more buses now.

Hot and Cold: British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Freeze “Not Cool” Says ForestEthics Advocacy. Keep in mind that this is the same government that unfroze tuition fees and froze minimum wage. So what do we do? Freeze the Liberals and unfreeze the NDP or what?

Shine a light: Sunshine Listing the Fraser Institute. Wow, please keep coming up with amazing, poetic headlines like that. Thanks.

Beatroute on Yuxweleptun: The Unspoken Conversation.

Bonus: Meet John.

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