TEA & TWO SLICES: On Main Street Condos & An Old Man’s Opinion On Harm Reduction

by Sean OrrBorderline offensive: The CBSA and reality television. To be fair, I’d be totally paranoid and constantly on guard if I had to work next to the United States everyday. “As usual, however, the human lives which accompany that desperately needed labour has now proven itself inconvenient”.

Doug Christie: The Unauthorized Obituary. “Free speech is the one thing you have to give to your worst enemy if you want to keep it for yourself,” The Tyee quotes Christie, adding, “It’s a fine sentiment, of course, but one Christie did not practice”. I don’t usually like to speak ill of the dead,. but good riddance, sir.

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Jon Ferry’s ideas still messed up: Harm reduction just keeps addicts enslaved. News flash: so does jail.

Liquefaction: Climate Change, NDP economics and the Tunnel. “This means no expansion of oilsands, no new pipelines (like Keystone and Northern Gateway) and no expansion of coal mines and coal ports.” Because man, when that shit runs out we are fucked!

The politics of hockey and the hockey of politics: The centre position is looking decidedly lame and the defence is as lefty as most of the voters in this province.

People are finally listening to me! Vancouver’s last remaining porn theatre gets new lease on life.

Nobody is listening to me! Main Street condos on the radar of Mount Pleasant residents. The home of Vancouver’s first skyscraper, the former “busiest intersection in BC” and future home of a rapid transit line to UBC (next door to a brand new community centre and a brand new brewery) says no to a 9 story building. First Rize, then The Poodle…I am really starting to hate Mount Pleasant. I mean, what exactly do they have against density around major transit hubs? Isn’t that sort of the plan? It’s not like they are mowing down all those heritage homes in the Tea Swamp. It’s a former used car dealership!

The Poorhouse: Food banks may compound the very problems they should be solving.

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  1. Low density around transit is an East Van tradition by now. Look at Commercial and Broadway.

  2. Tradition as declared by what body? Also, to imply that tradition is ‘right’ is specious reasoning at its best.