LOOKCITY: On Wearing This, Hanging That, A Chinatown Pop-Up, And Cary Grant’s Hair

by Robyn Yager | That glimpse of sunshine I saw a few days ago had me thinking about Spring, and more importantly, Summer. In the meantime, I’ve been scouring the Internet for quality swimwear and came across Beth Richards’ Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook. I’m feeling it, appreciating its minimal contemporary design; kind of Alexander Wang meets Bond Girl. Totally badass. My favourite is the Crop Mock Neck with back contrast detail paired with the high-waisted Faye bottom.

Art and fashion excites me, and when the two mix it’s even more thrilling. ThisFrankLife (aka The Genteel‘s arts and style journal) publishes a feature called “Wear This, Hang That” that pairs a look from a recent runway collection with a piece of art similar in either colour, composition, or theme. Check it out. It’s fabulous eyecandy if only for your ten minute coffee break.

The ever-mysterious Hey Jude Shop is having another pop-up, and thank goodness for that (we’ve been waiting). It’s over at our favourite experimental venture, The Chinatown Experiment on Columbia Street, from March 7th to the 10th. Mark it on your calendar, set an alert a day in advance, write it on a post-it note — these girls have fantastic taste in vintage clothing and you don’t want to miss out. Be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and bookmark the hell out of their blog.

Suzy Menkes of T Magazine has gotten some flack for her article exploring the reasons why the clothes on the catwalk are no longer the main attraction at fashion shows. The real spectacle is what happens prior to with all the bloggers, the outfits, the paparazzi, and fashionistas trying to out-fashionista each other. She has some good points: “There is no longer a time gap between when a small segment of fashion-conscious people pick up a trend and when it is all over the sidewalks […] even those with so-called street style have lost their individuality”. You can read the full article here.

I’m no guy, but I do have a fascination with men’s style. (We always want what we can’t have, right?) I came across this article over at the Art of Manliness after a picture of Cary Grant lured me in. (If you look up the word “dapper” in the dictionary there’d be a picture a picture of Cary Grant there in all his glossy-haired glory.) It’s basically just a product guide to some old-school hair slicks to help you get that leading man shine, but it’s worth reading over, if only for some old fashioned hair-inspiration.

So you’re into street photography. Check out the trailer for this amazing documentary on a mysterious woman whose street photographs were discovered posthumously. Her negatives were found in a storage unit and bought for a mere $400. Finding Vivian Maier reveals an extremely private person whose previously undiscovered talent is shaking up the art world.

Relevant. Shop the look: Oscar Nominated Styles for Men featuring Bradley Cooper in a trash bag (Silver Linings Playbook), spastic 1970’s Canadian (Argo), and Jamie Foxx as Django (the D is silent). Via Bullett Media.

Finally, something beauty-related. Ditch the mascara. You heard me right. Girls always say that if they were forced to go to a deserted island and all they could take is one beauty product it would be mascara. Into The Gloss is saying otherwise and toying with the idea that eyeliner replaces mascara. Men, this is not a petty thing. This goes against everything that Mommy Maybelline ever taught us. I like it.

Local looks and wants deciphered from the photographs up top…

1. Somehow it worked.
2. Who says girls can’t wear oxfords? No one, that’s who. Pretty shoes at Fleuvog.
3. Redwings await.
4. In for Spring: bright colours and geometric patterns.
5. A few tie options at Gastown’s Neighbour.
6. Even beyond Valentine’s Day, a lovely heart print is always appreciated.
7. A pair of pretty rad socks at an art opening.
8. Commes Des Garcon Play sneakers at Gravity Pope.



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She runs The Rain Season blog and is enthused by anything out of the ordinary. She loves art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

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