GOODS: Gastown’s “Rowan Sky” Gets In The Valentine Spirit With New Biko Pieces

Rowan Sky is located at 334 Cordova Street West in Vancouver BC | 604.568.2075 |

The GOODS from Rowan Sky

Vancouver, BC | In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Biko Jewelry has created a series of love-inspired pieces that are only available at Gastown’s Rowan Sky. Biko is a ‘modern nostalgic’ jewellery brand with each piece being handcrafted in Toronto with love by designer Corrine Anestopoulos. Launched in 2004, Biko marries vintage inspiration with metals, charms and natural stones to create versatile pieces that tell a story. A selection of Hearts, Paper Planes and the cutest little Lightning Bolts will be available at the store from now until February 14th. The accessories come in antiqued, oxidized silver, oxidized brass and plated 14K gold. Learn more about us after the jump…


334 Cordova Street West | Vancouver BC | V6Z3H4
Telephone: 604.568.2075
Web: www.rowansky.comFacebookTwitterInstagram


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Owner: Nima Farahmand


Situated alongside some of Vancouver’s top apparel boutiques and hip café’s in the Gastown neighborhood, Rowan Sky focuses on providing Vancouverites with their preferred footwear and accessory brand. The store is designed with the aesthetic of modern design accompanied by the nostalgia of wood beams and vintage shelving.

Whether it’s style, design, trend, or affordability, these details are present in the quality of the products offered. Focusing on the demands of fashion conscious customers, we intend to introduce labels maintaining emphasis on concept, statement and refined quality. As well, our intention is to showcase and educate our customers about the brands we carry.

Our collection is a selection of brands from around the world and consists of a mix of European, Canadian, and American flavors. RS hopes to collaborate the different personalities and styles. Adding new styles and brands each season keeps Rowan Sky on the pulse, fresh, and up-to-date. Most people like to know how the name came to be, which is a bit of a secret, but the important fact is that when you come in the store you’ll have a hard time thinking of any other name. We like to make sure our customers are well taken care of, educated about our products, and it is our mandate to make sure every customer walks out in the right pair of shoes.

For a list of all our brand and products please visit our website at

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