CITY BRIEFS: Annual TED Conference To Leave Long Beach For Vancouver In 2014

TED is moving to Vancouver, perhaps permanently. Since its beginnings in 1984, the annual technology/design conference – best known for its fascinating “talks” and interviews – has been based in Long Beach, California. The news that it is upping sticks and moving north to our fair shore (with its 2000 or so delegates) comes as a happy surprise.

Mark Brand says it best above as he walks on stage: Wow.

In 2014, TED will celebrate our 30th anniversary. And to mark this spectacular event, we’re planning something very special. We are moving our annual West Coast conference from Long Beach, California, to Vancouver, Canada. From March 17 to March 21, 2014, TED will be held in this great city, which boasts a thriving spirit of innovation as well as stunning views — the harbor and mountains in the same scenic vistas.

Read the good news here.

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  1. I guess we won’t be seeing anymore Onion Speaks videos on Scout?

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