TEA & TWO SLICES: On Everything-Palooza And Canada/Micronesia Against The World

by Sean Orr | Harper Spaniel? Palestinians hold placards depicting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a dog’s face during a protest in Ramallah. Dudes, that’s ruff.

Meanwhile, Canada Votes No At UN, Threatens Retaliation. Naw, but it’s cool that Micronesia is with us on this one. Unfortunately the motion was vetoed by God. like 4,000 years ago.

There seems to be a conflict of interest-palooza happening in the political sphere across the country. There’s going to be a tattoo booth, a mist tent, and places to buy hemp necklaces.

Bateman already has his tickets: Sneaky Libs want to expand taxation with new PST. I dunno. I think it’s pretty funny, but then again I lost faith in that whole democratic system thing a long time ago, back when the Liberals – with all their talk of balanced budgets (ha) – managed to convince people like Bateman that they were actually fiscally conservative.

Death is a gateway drug: Editorial: Gangsters’ lives end in prison or in death. Oh, I see. So the reason you’ve been splattering your pages with crime every day for decades is to teach us all a lesson, and not to sell papers? OK, I got it. “If young people didn’t have the message already, this has been an instructive week for anyone thinking it might be cool to join a drug gang”. Right, because economics isn’t a factor, and coolness is. Thanks for being our local paper.

And speaking of gangs: Mountie Kick Broke Protocol, Court Told. If you ever wonder why I am constantly angry, it’s because of this, and this:

Oh fake StatsCan, I love you. You really capture the zeitgeist of our suffering nation.

Salvation Army Official: Gays Deserve Death. If you’re feeling really in the Christmas Spirit, go up and tell them that the bells they ring are, like, totally gay.

What is the ITU? I would link to something about it on The Tyee but I went there and was dumbstruck instead by the following: Life of PSY: When bubblegum monotony rules, one weird little man cuts through. I guess they didn’t read this HuffPo article: Why Asians Aren’t Dancing in the Streets Gangnam Style.

Irony in Surrey: New Council Chamber will double as performance space. It sure will.

It’s gonna get messy: The subway versus LRT debate on Broadway. Wow! Just reading that made me want to stop reading that.

Finally, this one is just nice: Sunshine Eggs.

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