HEADS UP: Wandering Poets In Vancouver (The Drive) This Week Writing By Request

by Michelle Sproule | Erin Likins and Allan Andre have just arrived in Vancouver from Calgary. Before that they were in Montana and before that, Colorado. The two are on a hitch-hiking poetry tour that now aims to take them down the West Coast. This week they will be hanging out on Commercial Drive with their typewriters offering to write poems for passers by. They’re using carbon paper to create copies of each poem, as they hope to document their journey with a book. They aren’t asking for money but are appreciative of donations. We found them near Prado Cafe.

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  1. Hey Scout and readers! Erin Likins here, poet in the post above. Allan and I arrived safely back in Boulder, CO this August and proceeded to publish a book of our poetical travels! The book — “Traveling By Mirror: A Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Tenderness” — was printed by Tattered Cover Press here in Denver. I have numerous copies available for sale ($20, shipping included!) and would love to hook anybody who <3s our project up with one. Thanks again to Michelle for the post and please feel free to get in touch!