TEA & TWO SLICES: On Outrage, Rampant Inquiries, And The Latest Indie Sensation

by Sean Orr | Remember when it was BC Transit? Premier doesn’t support bonuses at Translink. Well then, Little Miss Reacty Pants, don’t run it like a corporation! It’s George Bataille’s Accursed Share, or Slavoj Zizek’s Revolt of the Salaried Bourgeoisie. But don’t get me wrong…I’m totally outraged.

Clogged Arteries: B.C. traffic congestion under scrutiny. “Delta officials are commissioning a study of the economic impact of traffic congestion at the George Massey Tunnel, in a bid to secure government financing for a new north-south corridor.” Can we just fill in the Fraser River and get it over with? It’s costing us so much fucking money.

You can vote for BC’s worst roads. I vote Robson. Just run a tram down it already.

Get the fuck out of my art show, buddy: Sam Sullivan, Gordon Gibson offer diametrically opposed solutions in duelling essays.

Steppin Up: Surrey takes step toward first poverty action plan. Just to be clear, I’m not presenting this like, hey look Vancouver, this is what you should do, because we have like 23 poverty action plans. It’s just like, you know, good for you Surrey.

Insult to injury: Talk of rampant sexual harassment at inquiry riles Oppal, shocks victim’s families. Next there’s going to be an inquiry into the inquiry.

Hard Talk: Soft sentence brings system into disrepute. Soft Sentence sounds like the latest indie sensation out of Brooklyn. Oh, wait. This is about outrage. Sorry.

And now we can rest: Vancouver tops list for ‘sugar-daddy’ online dating.

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