SOUNDTRACKING: Campaign Underway For Vinyl Pressings Of “Points Gray” Recordings

There is currently a campaign underway headed by ex-Vancouver musician/performer/personality Robert Dayton to raise funds for a first time ever vinyl pressing of the long lost, legendary Points Gray recordings, a bummer acid folk trio that consisted of Dayton and Julian Lawrence (of July Fourth Toilet) and Dan Bejar (Destroyer!). As Dayton explains in the video above, the late 90s were a heady time in Vancouver music, and Points Gray tapped into the pre-milleniall paranoia of Vancouver.

Sounding much like acid-damaged ESP-Disk 60s freak-out band The Godz, but with a more West Coast vibe, Points Gray anticipated the basement mould, bad street drugs and rising real estate that now (partially) define the Vancouver experience. Donations can be made at the Points Gray Indie GoGo page, and the clock is ticking: 56 days left and approximately $4000 left to raise. Let’s make it happen!

There are 7 comments

  1. dayton is too old to be a hipster.
    and even the other hipsters are getting old now with babies ‘n stuff.

  2. oh god, really? an album combining both the pretentious and sneeringly insincere dan bejar combined with the woefully talentless rob dayton? go away already.

  3. I’m not sure I’d consider Bejar insincere. Pretentious maybe. There’s some serious talent there though: the best New Pornographers stuff is Bejar stuff (and I think A.C. Newman is a killer songwriter.)

    It’s the faux retro, vinyl notion of this that introduces my gag reflex.