Tea & Two Slices: On Having It Rough, Vic In Town, And Let’s Have A Bit Of That Old Wit

by Sean Orr | Fake it ’til you make it: Clark ready for ideological slugfest with Dix. “If you think your life is hard, spare a thought for single mom Christy Clark. Indeed, Clark tells me she’s had to give up her book clubs, her Saturday morning boot camp with her girl friends and her running schedule. And she doesn’t date”. No, I actually think my life is harder. I have to try and make this already laughable dolt even funnier.

Drudge-It Budget: The false economy of BC Budget 2012: deficit exaggerated to avoid spending on real problems. OK, but tell me how you really feel. ‘Great budget for the one per cent’ says BC Fed’s Sinclair; ‘Unrealistic,’ says NDP’s Ralston; ‘Smoke and mirrors’, says Cons’ Cummins. Thanks Tyee. Let’s see what the Province says: Kevin Falcon delivers a responsible budget. OK, now that is just out of line!

Terrace’d Attack: B.C. energy minister slams local council over opposition to Enbridge pipeline. “I’ll get you if it’s the last thing I ever do”- Rich Coleman.

“The Province building, where this newspaper was produced from 1923 until 1960, has been put up for sale by the city“. Hey, why did you guys abandon the DTES? Only a few years after the BCER tracks were torn up and some 33 years before crack was introduced? “Although nearby streets are filled with some of the city’s poorest residents, Murphy said things are changing nearby with the Woodwards redevelopment now complete”. Cue the old wit.

City Caucus posts a letter from 2 years ago published in a local paper: “Stop trying to turn New Westminster into a bedroom of socialists,” says Ashdown. I mean, can we at least have an update? Did it work? Has the living wage turned everyone into socialists? I need to know. Can you go down there a check for me? Start in the Queen’s Park area.

The New Pattullo Bridge – we want to hear from you! Hey, the suicide curve was fun for a few decades, but maybe let’s try and make a bridge that’s straight. I’ve seen it done. It can be done.

Getting a rize out of it: Ned Jacobs: Say no to Rize Alliance rezoning at Kingsway and Broadway.

Tell Vic Toews off! He’s in Richmond on Wednesday February 22 from 6-8pm for a $150 a plate fundraising dinner!

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  1. Love you guys for the food and event info… Less interested in political commentary from the center left.

  2. Ok, well put! Still… A bit of balance in opinion would be nice. Im not going anywhere anyhow… Congrats on a first class website and publication.

  3. am i the only one resisting the urge to blurt out “get those filthy boots off that seat cushion you lazy n’er-do-well!!!”?

    hey! i think i just got old! 🙂

  4. Tea & two slices is one of the reasons I read Scout! Criticisms of the right wing and Vancouver steeped in sarcasm, irony and wit = the best. It’s nice to read a satirical writer that understand the definition of satire and has original thoughts.

  5. I do so enjoy very much this segment.

    It is hilarious that it rankles so many.

    keep up the great work!