TEA & TWO SLICES: On Destroying Canadian Values And Reforming BC’s Old Liquor Laws

by Sean Orr | Dear Vic Toews: Vancouver police busted circulating porn at work. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it. So is Ceiling Vic.

“He changed the locks, she changed the locks. It’s all very mundane.” Connect with Mark Kelley. Babe Rainbow talking about the internet or something. I think Cam pretty much defines the entire ehtos behind Tea & Two Slices, “Sometimes you need something provocative to ratchet people out of their day to day. It’s hard enough to get people to read a newspaper.” Also, dear Mark Kelley, the so-called “online community” is also just the regular community.

Meanwhile, ICBC can’t use facial recognition software to identify Stanley Cup rioters. I hate to get all jurisprudent on you guys, but this makes no sense. A dude with a charcoal pencil can be used to identify someone but not ultra-high tech facial recognition software? “Was this the man who robbed you? You’re not an artist! You can’t draw!” – Yellow Pages ad from the 1990’s.

The Sun gets all jurisprudent on us: Ex-cons don’t deserve more EI. Yes, set them loose on the world completely broke with only the skills that they learned doing hard time and let’s see what happens. Wheee!

Negative Youth: Trudeau-Era Youth Program On Tories Chopping Block. Katimavik? Really? But then I guess who is going to need young adults trained in the soft skills of leadership, dignity and diplomacy when you’re steering your country completely away from those kind of values?

For-profit doesn’t equal evil. Hey man, we’re not the ones who get all black/white and good/evil. You’re the ones that are ideologues, remember? We never said it was evil. We just said that if for-profit means sacrificing the future for the betterment of only a few at the expense of many, tean maybe we should redefine how we measure progress.

Where’s the densest place in North America?. Newfoundland?

Kurtis Kolt states his case for B.C. liquor licence reform. That there deserves an “attaboy”.

If you’re having a bad day, remember It’s probably raining in Vancouver. Oh schadenfreude! (how to pronounce schadenfreude)

How to circumvent #Olympics ban on advertising at events? A: athlete adopts sponsor name.

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  1. The lad brings up some jolly good points about the booze. One can only hope hair and facial hair grooming practices are also revised as part of these liquor reforms.

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