TEA & TWO SLICES: On Lion Pride, Effective Opposition, And The Great Development War

by Sean Orr | Big Labour vs. Military: right wing media attacks left wing campaign which attacks pro-war lobby by calling it left-wing lobby…

“Don’t let people like Hitler catch you unawares and unready to defend yourself and your friends in the world, if he wants to call that the pro-war lobby stealing from Canadians, I’m gonna say we should rather let a leper near a small boy than someone who talks like that”.

So, just to be clear, you’re point is that you’d sooner allow a small boy to get leprosy than see somebody write a letter calling for an end to militarism? Not exactly, but if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position. Yes, but that’s not saying “no it isn’t”. Yes it is. No it isn’t! Yes it is.

B.C. deficit projections up $313 million. Oh noes! Quick! Cut something! Cut some arts programming! Wait, there’s no time! Just go and cut up some actual art!

But there is no bubble! Canada’s Housing Market More Overvalued Than U.S. At Its Peak. We built this city on…speculation.

If only we could take the phrase “development wars” in the literal sense. Price Points: Report from the Development Wars.

Effective opposition requires the willingness to negotiate. Whenever community leaders maintain that more consultation will result in a win-win, that is true only if the desire for the perfect outcome does not defeat willingness to accept the merely good.

Speaking of effective opposition, or the lack thereof, check out this Occupy Vancouver Media Release: “Premier Clark, you stated several times this week that Occupiers “violated the spirit of the law.” This is something with which you and your government should be familiar”. It’s a good list. I’ll add this: BC Libs Ignored Own Law on Ferry Price Hike.

Woman arrested after pepper spraying crowd of rushing Black Friday shoppers at a Porter Ranch, CA Wal-Mart. 10 injured. Oddly, this was not an #OccupyXmas event, though camping outside retails stores is perfectly alright.

So proud: Calgary Stampeders fan assaulted in Vancouver’s Gastown.

Bonus: Megaphone’s new campaign…I work Here.

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