Cool Thing We Want #299: A Replica Set Of Eames’ Eiffel Chairs For $100 Or Less Each

We’d love to outfit the Scout office with some original Eames Eiffel chairs, but at an easy $800 per pop, it’s just not gonna happen. These copycat chairs (above) are by LA’s Modernica, and they’re SLIGHTLY more affordable at $375 each. But still, not gonna happen. Even these cute little suckers at Modern Poverty are too rich for us at $225 apiece (that’s $1,350 for six). Remember, this is a post about cool things we want, not cool things we have any hope of getting! Regardless, if anyone has a line on originals or replicas in the below $100 range, please give us a heads-up. Either that or send us a photo of your score with a note that reads “gnah! gnah!”


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  1. WE got one for $30 at the Nood factory outlet in Vancouver off marine drive. It has slight fiberglass damage that we can get repaired easily. A wicked deal.

  2. The former tenant in our apartment was moving across the country and didn’t want to take his furniture so a set of four chairs for $400 is one of the things we got!

    I think they are from Nood.

  3. Wire Home Furnishings, a dealer working in richmond sells them for $119.00 each as listed on their website. Though he’s always posting them on craigslist for $99 each!__store/eames-dining-chair

    On craigslist:

    BTW: I bought a set from Inform and one of the wire bases bent and it’s not covered under warranty and now I’m bummed every time I look at it. So I definitely recommend buying a reproduction!!

  4. I would be cautious about the Nood ones. I bought some on sale once and thought I had totally scored. Alas, when I took them out of the box one had a piece of paint chipped off. I quickly discerned the were a hard shell that was just painted as opposed to having the actual chair material coloured. Knowing they would easily chip I returned them immediately.

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