TEA & TWO SLICES: On Power Brokers And Doing The Vancouver Sun’s Dirty Work

by Sean Orr | The Sun gives us B.C.’s top gov’t power brokers (AKA the people that you don’t elect that actually run the province).

And then this: Flavours of the Week: Rihanna, Julianne Hough, Emily VanCamp and more. I wonder why Christy Clark didn’t make the cut.

And finally they ask us to their own dirty work: Going to #occupyvancouver? Help us cover it.

Speaking of dirty work: Occupy Wall Street cleanup postponed. Interesting that the CBC fails to mention that Brookfield Properties is a Canadian company. Instead, they end with a quote from (the formerly evil) Ayatollah Khomeini, because thinking is hard work and not worth the energy.

The Province co-opts the same concerns as the Occupy movement, calling it BOOMERANGST, “what the aging of the boomers means to you, your family and your community.” I’m pretty sure all it means is that the knee surgery dude is going to be super busy.

Vancouver rent bank will help save tenants down on their luck. Free market fundies will point to this as evidence of trickle down economics instead of allowing it to confirm that the government has abandoned it’s responsibilities.

Roundup on #OccupyVancouver blogs by The Hook. I wish I could have documented it more but I was too busy doing this.

And as usual, City Caucus manages to blame Gregor for either not shutting it down or not showing up. They also don’t like how broad and diverse the 99% is. But as my brother’s sign attested, “We don’t know why we are protesting IS why we are protesting”.

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