SOUNDTRACKING: A Quick Chat With The “Jacuzzi Boys” (At The Waldorf Tonight!)

by Daniel Colussi | It’s been a heady couple of years for Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys with constant touring, a flood of tasty releases, and most of all their second full length, the cheekily titled Glazin’. Production-wise, Glazin’ offers just the right amount of musical and acoustic progression from their previous lo-fi releases to up the ante and keep things interesting. Song-wise, the Jacuzzi’s trod terrain that’s entirely appropriate for a couple of dudes in their early twenties, namely the bubblegum-world of girl-crushes, going to parties, and just good old L-I-V-I-N’, if you get me. Guitarist Gabriel Alcala and bassist Danny Gonzalez were kind enough to tell me about being a rock band in the most un-rocking state in the union, the pleasures of living in a trailer, and the success of their fine new album…

Music-wise, Florida makes me think of Death Metal and crazy Hardcore bands. What’s the straight deal on Florida? Where are the places you guys like to play? 

Danny: Florida has always been kind of weird place for music, particularly rock ‘n roll, and I think it’ll always be that way. Miami is so far removed from everything that it often feels that things exist in their own little vacuum down there, but there’s really only one place to play, and that’s Churchill’s. Everything else feels kinda clubby and lame…

Gabriel: Yeah, Churchill’s is like our CBGB’s! It’s located in Little Haiti and the area is filled with spooky vibes…

I was in Miami a few years back. I remember the incredible Art-Deco hotels, Wolfie’s restaurant, and seeing SUV’s driving around with bullet holes along the sides. In one of the USA’s high-crime zones. Have the Jacuzzi Boys had any notable brushes with the law?

Danny: Haha. Yeah. Miami can be a bit hairy, but we all grew up there so we kinda know the deal. Unless you’re involved in some shady shit, or trying to be a tough guy, you should be alright. Those bullet holes were probably just stickers though! People seem to like those in Miami…

Gabriel: I’ve gotten held at gun point with some friends once. I guess we parked a little too far from the bar.

You guys have been around for a few years now. What were some albums that you guys bonded over when forming the band? And, were there any particular albums that guided you through the recording of Glazin’?

Gabriel: Diego and I basically got into punk rock together and the one band that really blew us away was the New York Dolls. We thought they were beyond cool! When we first met, Danny, I think we spoke about digging Dr. John’s Gris Gris album, Moby Grape & our infinite love for the Ramones! While writing and recording Glazin’ I remember listening to a lot of Milk’N’Cookies, Brian Eno’s Here Come The Warm Jets and Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby. Fleetwood Mac is always on in the van as well.

I’m assuming that doing the band isn’t any of your full time gigs. What do you guys do to put bread on the table? Is Miami an expensive city to live in? Is it musician friendly?

Danny: I used to work at my family’s restaurant, but haven’t lately. No, I don’t think it’s that musician friendly. That’s why we try to tour as much as we can…

Gabriel: It’s my full time gig. I can’t find a job for the life of me! Neither can Diego. This past summer we applied at dog walking services, a funeral home catering company, and tried to get a job as a half nude bartender at a gay bar. No dice!

Glazin’ demonstrates a nice evolution in the band’s sound since your first album. What kind of music do the Jacuzzi Boys play? What do you tell your Mom what your music is?

Danny: It’s rock ‘n roll, plain and simple. No need to fancy it up, or dumb it down. My mom thinks it’s just a bunch of noise, but she’s cool with it.

I’ve read that Danny in the band lives in a trailer. Trailer parks carry certain connotations to most people. My step-mom lived in trailer parks for years, and I found it to be a lovely community. Care to comment on life in the trailer park? What are the perks?

Danny: It’s funny. I do live in a trailer, and it is in a park, but it’s not a trailer park. It’s a state park. Only a few families live there, so it’s pretty chill. I can walk to the water!

Gabriel: We practice there and it’s surrounded by all kinds of wildlife. it rules!

The new album has garnered significantly bigger press.  How does it feel to have greater exposure for the band? Does it feel like Glazin’ is a turning point, or has it been a steady climb over the years?

Danny: I think it’s been a steady climb, but working with Hardly Art has definitely presented us with some pretty cool opportunities… It feels good to know more folks are getting into the band though!

Gabriel: Climbing and picking flowers along the way!

The Jacuzzi Boys play The Waldorf tonight (Saturday October 8th) with support from Vancouver sloppy-rockers Dead Ghosts, with DJ duties provided by Bryce Dunn. 

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