Chefs Lucais Syme & Adam Pegg Of La Quercia To Open L’Ufficio

Lucais Syme and Adam Pegg, the chefs/owners of the award-winning La Quercia (inarguably one of the most respected restaurants in Vancouver), have secured the address next door to their location at 4th and Alma with the aim of turning it into an Italian wine and tapas (stuzzichini) bar.

Syme and Pegg (who also own the nearby La Ghianda) are calling it “L’Officio”, or “The Office”. It is so named because the new project will finally afford them the square footage for an office. The new – and rather small – restaurant at 3687 West 4th (formerly a shop called “Garden Party”) will have separate frontage from La Quercia (though it may umbilically connect at the rear near the kitchen), fewer than 20 seats, many wines poured by the glass, and what I can only imagine will be a menu card of Italian bar bites that will blow us all away. L’Officio is still in its conceptual stage (ie. construction has yet to begin), so we can only ballpark the date for opening in early 2012. Since these fellows aren’t in the business of doing anything half-assed, I’ll wager it’ll be well worth the wait.


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  1. L’Ufficio with a u is an office. L’Officio is a religious ceremony. I guess either one works 😉

  2. I hope the go with L’Ufficio. “Honey I’m staying late at the office…”

  3. Reading this just made me drool all over my keyboard. Hells ya!

    You go boys.

    With respect and gratitude

  4. Hmmm, tempting, but after my last experience at La Quercia…can’t say I’ll be rushing in. Too bad a night of really rude service & mediocre food was enough to spoil it for me. Wish them success though…