Awesome Thing We Drank #668: A Range Of Pressed Goodness From “The Juice Truck”

We cruised down to Railtown to grab ourselves a fish taco from our pals at Tacofino the other day. While we were waiting for our lunch to get made they suggested we skip across the street to check out The Juice Truck. Really good call. The juices are pressed on site, so they’re as fresh as can be. The prices are pretty high (like holy shit are you serious? high), but man, are they ever restorative and delicious! Just think of each one as a cheap glass of wine and you’ll pull through with a different kind of buzz.

Pictured above, left to right…

The Profile | Red Delicious Apple pressed with pineapple, anjou pear, orange and ginger | $7.50
The Green | Cucumber pressed with green kale, parsley, celery and lime | $7
The Lemonade | Raspberry and rhubarb with vanilla, mint, lime | $5

To find out if the Juice Truck is headed to your hood, stay glued to their twitter feed @juicetruck.

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