Tea & Two Slices: On Closing Doors, Turning Backs And Where We All Stand On Hot Dogs

by Sean Orr | Residents’ methadone concerns unwarranted, says pharmacist. Anyone against an AIDS clinic should be…

The B.C. Liberal government continues to force people with developmental disabilities from group homes against their families’ wishes. Somewhere, an angel just got it’s wings.

More people earn more than $100,000 at Hydro than any other public agency. That’s only because all the other public agencies are now private, which is exactly why are they publishing this, so that these same directors can triple their earnings under a privately run BC Hydro.

No sign yet of West Nile. Did you check Africa? I’m pretty sure it’s there.

Live war-era bomb found in West Vancouver. I am not going to make a joke about the large number of Germans who live in West Van.

The Dependent: Interview with a vampire bike thief. See also White Vans.

Vancouver’s first rubber sidewalk makes its debut. The first step in a plan to rubberize the entire city in the name of pedestrian safety.

Actual headline: Where do you stand on hot dogs? Um, I vote yes. I am pro-hotdog.

Is your wife hot?

Lineup for Victory Square Block Party announced.

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  1. my 55 year old uncle, who suffers from severe schizophrenia had his group home in victoria shut down 4 years ago and was put into an SRO type arrangement. he has to have someone give him meds twice a day, that responsibility has once again fallen on my mother and my 83 year old grandmother, who have to go to his room and administer his meds daily. i say once again because my uncle spent many years in street shelters and as he was not able to stay on his meds himself. it took my mother 15 years from his first major psychotic episode until she finally was able to get him on full disability(from basic welfare) and into a group in the early 90’s. while in supported care, he was able to maintain proper self care, daily baths, do his own laundry, quit smoking (yes, quit smoking-unheard of for most schizophrenics) and have access to healthy communal meals. he was in his group home for 8 years, when the liberals, under gordon campbell began shutting them down. before going into the group home, my uncle was in and out of eric martin psych ward for various psychotic episodes. he ended up with blood poisoning at one point due to an infected foot. the blood poisoning permanently damaged his heart and he has since had valves replaced. my uncles story is not unique…these folks and their families deserve to have proper supported care.

  2. Thanks for your story. I hope you understand my comments are intended to highlight the absurdity inherent in closing down such homes. Ergo, ‘each time they shut a group home down, an angel gets its wings’ is to be read with tongue firmly in cheek!

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