Fifteen Minutes With Local Actress Camille Mitchell, The Graduate’s “Mrs. Robinson”

Camille Mitchell is an award-winning stage and television actress who was born in Los Angeles and raised in Canada. She makes her home in Vancouver now. Her most notable television character might be that of Sheriff Nancy Adams on Smallville, but on stage she’s currently owning the complex, archetypal “cougar” role of Mrs. Robinson in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of The Graduate.

Three things about West Vancouver that make you want to live there: Peaceful, pastoral with great espressos nearby.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating: Store-bought vanilla birthday cake.

Last time a work of art stopped you in your tracks: Woman Waiting by Joy Zemel Long. [look]

All-time favourite play: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

If you could perform on any stage in the world, which would you choose? Karnak Playhouse, Queensland, Australia. [see]

What has been your favourite role to date? Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Robin Phillips.

Tell us your pre-curtain rituals: Go over script, meditate, vocal warm-up, coffee, make-up, costume, go!

Favourite Vancouver bridge: Lions Gate.

Best Vancouver patio: Saltaire.

One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver: Fewer gray days, s.v.p.

Favourite place to see live music: Backstage Lounge, Arts Club, Granville Island.

Cheap place for dinner: Vera’s Burgers.

Last place travelled: New Mexico.

Biggest fear: Falling.

Favourite Mr. Robinson line – “Benjamin, I’m beginning to think sleeping with younger men has its disadvantages.”

Vancouver green space you most often make a break for: Ambleside Dog Walk.

Best sneaker in the world: Sketchers.

Your ancestry: The Ish Tribe – Irish, Amish, Jewish.

Under what circumstances would you join the army: If Canada was invaded.

Your paternal grandfather’s personal story: Pennsylvania Dutch, minister who gave all proceeds back to his parish, father of 7, promoted labour reform.

Aspects of Mrs. Robinson’s character that you might want to hold on to: Taking time to put on nail polish and (most important) the time to let it dry.

Dumbest purchase ever: Above-ground swimming pool for my son and his friends in kindergarten (a friend commented, “We all have our lapses of taste…”).

What are you proud of: The times I’ve been able to actually forgive.

The thing that makes you the angriest: Deliberate cruelty.

The view from your favourite window: Creek-side trees.

Favourite ice cream flavour: Blueberry Swirl.

Comedian that cracks you up: John Krasinski. [watch]

Food your mom makes better than anyone: Brown Derby Black-Bottom Pie.

Talent you wish you possessed: Anything to do with technology.

The trend you wish you never followed, but did: Goth.

Musical instrument you long to master: Piano.

Sport you gave up: Tennis (tricky knees).

The game you’re best at: Scrabble.

Mac or PC: Mac.

Favourite sports team: Saints.

The number of fist fights you’ve been in: 1 in grade 1 with a bully (she bloodied my nose)

The scariest situation you’ve ever been in: Hitch-hiking to Morrocco  as a teenager.

Three things of no monetary value that you will keep until you die: My journals, family photos, gifts my son made me growing up.

Local person you admire most: Bill Millerd.

Top three place you want to travel to next: Bali, Israel, Greece.

Best concert experience ever: Rolling Stones.

Role models growing up: Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer.

Describe your tattoos: None.

The dish you’re proud of: Chestnut souffle.

The thing that makes you the most nervous: People.

Town you were born in: Santa Monica, California.

Old television shows you can tolerate re-runs of: High Chapparral (my dad’s show).

First memory: California sunshine on a daisy-chain.

What are you listening to as you answer these questions: Theatre hallway chatter (I’m in the Green Room).

Album that first made you love music: Joni Mitchell’s Blue Album. [listen]

Default junk food: Chips.

The career path you considered but never followed: Medicine.

Thing you miss most about home when you’re on the road: Family, friends, garden.

Website you visit every day: My email (not a good techie!).

The first three things you do every morning: Go outside with my dog, meditate, crossword puzzle with coffee.

The thing you’re addicted to : Peanut butter.

Luckiest moment of your life: The moment my son Charlie was born.

Favourite book as a child : Winnie the Pooh.

Biggest hope: A healed planet and humankind.

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  1. Enjoyed your interview with Fanny Kiefer, hope to see you as Mrs. Robinson too! I live in Saskatoon and would like to comment on the Mendel Art Gallery.