Tea & Two Slices: On Tea Party Tories, The “No Tents Law” And Cops Getting Raises…

by Sean Orr | Tories accused of following Tea Partier’s script in triumphant new ad. Just so you know, they actually mean they plagiarized it, and not as a figure of speech. They’ve been doing that for a while now. “Canada must reflect the true character of the Canadian people”. And by that of course they mean those who don’t live in our major cities.

Harper goes Bollywood. Meaning: Harper hires foreign-born actor to be on Tourism Commission, who then in turn endorses Harper at the premiere of his movie. You can’t buy that kind of publicity! Oh…wait.

City by-law change threatens homeless. That’s intents (get it?). I guess Gregor is so confident he’ll end homelessness that he doesn’t want to see any evidence of it…

Vancouver city staff consulted Chinese government over bylaw. Although I’m too lazy to go back and actually verify this, I’m pretty sure I said something like “taking cues from Beijing” when referring to this law. I had no idea I was actually right.

Vancouver police officers to get almost 9 per cent wage hike in new contract. Now, I am in no way saying that they don’t deserve this, but look at the outcry when another union like CUPE or something goes on strike over a 1% raise. Not saying…just sayin’.

MoneySense’s worst places to live in Canada. Damn! Kenora beat us out for least cultural.

Orpheum Sign Destroyed?

Welcome to Campaign Town.

Burrard Bridge Stairwell Project.

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