DINER: City Hall Reveals Names & Concepts Of Vancouver’s New Street Food Vendors…

City Hall has just released the names, concepts and addresses of this summer’s new street vendor licenses. Looks like local restaurateurs Harry Kambolis and James Iranzad have something to smile about, as do the boys behind Roaming Dragon. Expect LOTS of tacos, plenty of Levantine, banh mi, grilled cheese and even sweet and savoury parantha! Check ’em all out after the jump…

Cartel | West side of 500 Dunsmuir | Korean fusion; beef, pork, tofu Korean tacos.

Chawalla | East side of 800 Howe St. | Indian teas, sweet and savoury parantha.

Didi’s Greek | South side of 1700 Robson St. | Souvlaki, tzatsiki, spanakopita, Greek salad.

Feastro the Rolling Bistro | Thurlow St. at West Cordova | Specialising in seafood.

Finest at Sea | SE corner of Robson and Hornby | fish sandwiches, fish tacos, coleslaw, kebab.

Gourmet Syndicate | East side, 900 Burrard St. | Asian fusion.

Kiss Kiss Banh Banh | NW corner, Howe and Robson | Vietnamese sandwiches, salads, coffee.

Mangali | North side, 900 West Georgia | Mediterranean; shish kebob, lafah, couscous, salad.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck | 600 Hornby St. | Grilled sandwiches, soups, chili.

Off The Wagon | 600 Howe St. | Tacos.

Osa Tako Hero | South side, 800 West Pender | Takoyako.

Roaming Dragon 2 | East side, 800 Burrard | sandwiches, matzo balls, shepherd’s pie, soup, chili, fruit.

Soho Road Naan Kebab | West side, 900 Howe St. | Indian fusion.

Tacofino Cantina | 1800 Morton St. | Mexican , tacos, burritos, tortilla soup, fruit and veg skewers.

Nu Souvlaki | North side, 800 Dunsmuir | Meat and veg souvlaki.

The Hut | South side, 1200 Pacific Blvd. | Vegetarian wraps.

The Juice Truck | 200 Abbott St. | Juice – fresh fruit and veg juices and smoothies.

Re-Up BBQ | South side, 800 Robson | beef brisket sandwich, black bean and corn chili, sweet tea.

Trailer | West side 1100 Burrard | Asian BBQ.

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  1. Stoked on Cartel and Tacofino. Hoping this doesn’t mean Tacofino is leaving Tofino though. Nothing better than a pork gringa ofter a sesh in the waves.

  2. OK. The downtown core seems very well served, How about some food trucks in parking lots? Other cities like LA and Seattle seem to have food trucks in the outlying areas.

    I wonder how much business this will take from actual restaurants? Like the Raincity Grill which will have Tacofino by it’s back door.

  3. I think the grand plan will see foodtrucks in parking lots. Little steps for a city which had nothing two years ago.

    The guy that owns Raincity is a new cart licensee. I assume he’s OK with it.

  4. Thanks, Steve!

    David: City Council has stated as recently as today that they are exploring the option of adding pods or clusters in parking lots. Good things coming… In the meantime, many of us also have mobile vending licenses.

    See you on the street!

  5. “Concepts”? Really?
    Can a food cart have a “concept”?
    That’s elevating it a little too high, I think. No wonder people think Vancouver is pretentious!

  6. Dan, I find your defence of the word ‘concept’ to be far more pretentious than an earnest street food vendor or their diners using the word to describe the focus and theme of their offerings. Relax and enjoy a freaking taco, bro.

  7. Concept (n.)
    1. An idea, esp an abstract idea.

    You said it yourself, a food cart has a ‘theme’ if anything.
    I’m hardly defending the word. Ironically though, you are.

    Anyway, looking forward to the new ones. It seemed like a few of the first group disappeared after a couple months, so I hope these ones stick around.

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