Tea & Two Slices: On The Total Apathy Of The Electorate And Court Ordered Education

by Sean Orr | Creepy white Christian dude sings duet with 10 year old Lady Gaga fan; chooses the song Imagine by John Lennon and footnotes the part about ‘imagining no religion’. Oh, what? That’s our Prime Minister?

If it sounds like there’s a frog in his throat, it’s probably because he ate his own words: Harper digs a coalition hole.

Canada watches its democracy erode. Actually, that’s just it. We’re not watching. A reporter from the other side of the world – in a formal penal colony of the British Empire – is watching. But not us.

Meanwhile, despite Germany electing their first Green Premier, our good ‘ol “broadcast consortium” is excluding Elizabeth May from the debates. I imagine that the dude that we can’t even vote for (and who has no interest in being PM) will be on there though. Sounds about right.

But wait, Harper suggests a TV showdown with just Ignatieff! Oh man, it will be just like that special Michael Johnson vs Donovan Bailey race. Wouldn’t that be rad? In fact, most Canadians would probably cast their vote solely on who could run the fastest. Jackie Layton, Jackie Layton! Say it with me! Jackie Layton, Jackie Layton! He would totally come first. I mean, come in first.

BC Teachers claim court victory. Ah yes, BC, where teachers have to go to court to get extra resources for classes that exceed the occupancy limit. Go democracy!

Mini-monorail line pitched for Kelowna. Because hey, it put Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook on the map!

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  1. YouTube user “19580712” on the Harper Imagine video:

    “I found this touching, I don’t agree? with everything the Harper gov’t has done but this video has pushed me off the fence and will get me to vote for his party.”

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