And Another One Bites The Dust As “Piato” Shutters in Kitsilano


It turns out Kitsilano wasn’t all that into Greek chow this year (neither modern nor ancient). Piato has just closed on West 4th. As you may have already heard, the venerable Parthenon food store is also closed, due to another suspicious fire. Sniff. I can’t help but wonder if this trend has to do with all the birds falling from the sky in the States and the millions of crabs washing up dead in England. Is the End near? Maybe John Cusack and Woody Harrelson were off by just a year. Silver lining a) I’m insured b) a new Italian joint run by an Italian (hooray!) is due in the Piato space, sometime in late February-ish. A photographic jog of your memory after the jump. RIP…


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  1. Geez, Andrew, it would seem that you were right about the 2011 closures! Or you cursed them! 🙂

    Unfortunately, this closure is hardly a surprise. It was never busy in there. Personally, what kept me away was that I found it over-priced for the portion sizes. Still sad though.