Tea & Two Slices: On Sihota In A Dress And Clark Waking Babies


by Sean Orr | Party rules say next NDP leader has to be a woman. So I guess that means no Dix? Nevertheless, it makes no mention of transvestism. I for one would love to see Moe Sihota in a dress.

The DTES Poacher’s Guide to Yuppie Dogs, pt. 1. Derp. (ed. note: OMG!)

Abbott and de Jong trade barbs over B.C. Rail as Liberal campaign heats up. Or alternatively: “a step by step guide on how to distance yourself from a corrupt government without really blaming them by calling for a judicial review and not a full-blown inquiry even though one is already in place”. Now that’s politicking!

Someone tell Christy Clark you’re supposed to kiss babies on the campaign trail, not wake them up.

City Caucus: “For years Vancouver City Hall may have been a dull place prone to discussing “mundane” issues such as potholes and building permits – but no longer”. Really? Because you basically just compiled a list of some the most mundane non-issues possible. In fact, potholes would be more exciting than the NIMBY-fuelled pettiness of HEAT shelters, bike lanes, and the earth-shatteringly puritan disgust at the mayor’s use of the F-word. It would be one thing if they had cared about a tenth as much about such minutiae when Sullivan was in office. Guess they were too busy working for the slimeball to hold him accountable…

Headline of the day: Stunning waterfront walkway didn’t just happen.

Kris Krug’s year in review: The Waldorf, W2 Woodward’s and WordCamp YVR

Situationist map of Vancouver, by Hsiao-Ling Brown, 2010

New Salazar video for Lifetime Collective.

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