On Accidentally Stumbling Into The Most Delicious Luck Ever…

by Andrew Morrison | I took my kids out for dinner at Sea Monstr Sushi in Gastown last night and the chef, Keith, told us that they boys and girls at Peckinpah down the street were testing their brand new meat smoker for the very first time. So we paid the bill and split pretty quick. Popping our heads in, we could smell the work in progress. If you can imagine a flower – the best flower ever with an aroma so intoxicating that it made your knees weak – then imagine a glorious field of them in full bloom. That was the smell when we walked in.

The smoker, a big metal beast behind the bar, would open in 30 minutes. Can we come back and watch? “Sure. You can try some too if you want.” So we went over to L’Abattoir for dessert (awesome) and then returned just in time for the christening. I didn’t have a proper camera to record the occasion, only my iPhone. We stuck around and ate some ribs and sausage, and I’m still reeling from the unexpected joy.

“Daddy, when will it open?” Patience, my son. Peckinpah is still very much under construction, but they aim to unleash shortly, as in before Christmas. So be good for goodness sake.


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  1. If you can imagine a flower — a flower that smells like burning orchards and sweet, roasted flesh…

    (Just saying, it’s an interesting choice of metaphor! Or maybe I’m just jealous ’cause you got to taste it and I’m just stuck with watching a rough iPhone video.)