Tea & Two Slices: Snow Destroys Canada Line But Not Polygamy…


by Sean Orr | Base Logic Part One: Introductions. Matt Chambers infiltrates a local drug cartel: “Did you know you’re associating with the biggest drug dealers in the Downtown East Side? he asks. The group laughs and the cop shoots them a dirty look”. One of the best pieces of Vancouver journalism I’ve read. It’s especially good because it makes Alex Tsumakis mad.

Universities ‘hotbeds of anti-Israel activity’. Well, Macleans already said there was too many Asians in our universities, so following the line of logic, all Asians are anti-semites? No, wait…that can’t be right. Maybe it’s because students are actually learning about the long history of oppression, Security Council violations, Geneva Convention violations, and imperialist aspirations that aren’t covered in the blatantly biased National Fucking Post.

Canada Line fails to stand up to snow. Can we stop making all our transit decisions in the summer?

Elections B.C. rejection of recall petition called a ‘banana republic’ move. Like the store? Wow, that is bad.

Hey, go figure, Polygamists decry anti-polygamy law. Next, they’ll be saying it’s sexist. Oh wait, they are saying that! In other news, burglars upset about new anti-burgling law.

Who Own’s BC’s Water? I really hope it’s us, but I’m way more cynical than that. I’ll say Pepsi.

Rypien Leaves Canucks to Deal with Personal Matters. Apparently, any time a fan claps he freaks out and wants to attack them. They need to get him on some Ativan or something (so I guess there’s a silver lining). Enjoy the staycation, Ripper!

Megaphone presents a Night of Joyful Voices.

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  1. Sean,
    Cut the Ripper some slack, eh? If the rumors are true, and he’s got some heavy personal matters to deal with (with regards to mental issues), then let it be.

    Given that the Canucks organization is dealing with this in a very professional matter (twice in 3 years) and cutting him loose, I hope he’s able to come back and contribute his physical toughness and presence on the ice. In spite of the recent incident in Minnesota, he’s a good role player on the team. As a fan, I hope he comes back, rested and healthy (physically & mentally).

  2. In order to enhance your perhaps limited comprehension, I shall attempt to adopt the vernacular and rhetorical style with you appear most comfortable.

    There’s a difference between “polyamorists” and “polygamists”, you moron. Same comment for the idiot who wrote the article you’re linking to.

    In other news, ignorant fucks, apparently unaware of innovative “Google” technology, play journalist and spout off about issues where they don’t even know the words or the players.

  3. It’s true though, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to polygamy. I really don’t know why anyone would want to defend those perverts. Fuck religion and fuck you.

  4. Hmm, here’s something men don’t know and the Attorney Generals of each province ( and federally) don’t want you to know.
    BC and other provinces intend to introduce new FAMILY law legislation in their provinces this year that:
    1) allow single men to ” become “spouses of persons (women only) who already have a spouse”.
    2) women cannot become the “spouse of a man who has a spouse”, only men can.
    Women can “marry in common klaw..cohabitation… another person(s), and become their “marital spouse” under provincial family property legilsations and able to collect half the mens property, while the men cannot collect any of their spouses property related to the first “marriage”.
    Attorney Generals are actually lawyers, temporarily on vacation in government payroll (usually because they are the only lawyers elected).
    In short, lawyers REALLY want MULTIPLE families litigation in divorce court so they can take home 40-100K per case rather than 10-20K. for current 2 party divorces.

  5. I agree with the statement about what the Attorney generals don’t want men to know about the polygamy reference case. I just read the BC white paper on family law reform and they do intend to pattern new legislation based on Saskatchewan. In short, married women are allowed to cohabitate for 24 months with single men and become their spouse (while remaining the civil spouse of other(s). too. Ouch. Polygamy, or rather holy polyandry! I thought it was illegal to sanction or authorize multiple spouses in Canada?

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