New Weekend Backpack Program Needs Help Feeding DTES Kids…


The DTES Community Centres (Strathcona & RayCam) have partnered to organise a Weekend Backpack Program for children in Strathcona who need a little extra help getting healthy food in their wee bellies. The plan is to provide approximately 200 kids a pack of food & snacks on Fridays. During the week, most of these children receive breakfast, lunch and after-school snack at the centres but on the weekend they often go without healthy options. This new plan will ensure nourishment for families in need over the weekend as well. Organisers would appreciate any leads on donations of food or funds from local businesses and/or organizations. These centres could really use your help, so if you’d like to step up this year in advance of the holidays, find out how and check what specific things they’re looking for after the jump…

They are seeking donations of:

fresh fruit & vegetables
granola bars
bread & baked goods
crackers, rice or corn cakes
juice boxes
dairy items such as cheese sticks or yogurt
plastic bags (grocery bags)

If you know of anyone who might be able to contribute, please email:

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