All Scenes & Results From The Van Mag Restaurant Awards…


The 21st Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards went down yesterday at the Wall Center. There were lots of predictable winners and quite a few surprises as well. And as with every year there were as many disappointed people as there were happy ones. The better highlights I’ll save for the deathbed (except for the part when a high profile executive chef accidentally nailed an old lady in the head with a Nimby burger frisbee – that was just too awesome to keep to myself), plenty second-guessing of us judges, and an intoxicating array of after-parties that left half our finest rooms staffed with fabulous drunks, ecstatic winners and not a few honourable mentions wondering how it all went wrong. Results after the photos…

  • Enter the Wall Center
  • James Walt (Araxi), Gemma Bishop (Chefs Table Society), Shelley McArthur (Top Table PR)
  • VM publisher Kim Peacock and editor Gary Stephen Ross
  • Maenam's Angus and Kate
  • The ladies of Dona Cata
  • pre-awards feasting
  • The Pourhouse crew
  • Joel Watanabe (Bao Bei) and David Robertson (Dirty Apron)
  • Lauren Mote (The Refinery) and Eric Pateman (Edible BC)
  • Details
  • Scarfage
  • Mark Taylor (Cru) and Cassandra Anderton (Good Life Vancouver)
  • Tara Thom (Maenam) and Rhonda Viani (West)
  • More scarfage
  • Robert Stelmachuk (Chambar) and Ed Perrow (Uva, Cibo)
  • Edwyn Kumar and Kris Kabush of Hart House
  • Alice Spurrell & Joe Chaput of Au Petit Chavignol and Les Amis du Fromage with Kurtis Kolt
  • Vikram Vij (Vij's, Rangoli) with Brian Hopkins (West)
  • David Wolo
  • La Quercia's Adam Pegg with his wife
  • John Bishop (Bishop's) with his daughter Gemma (Chefs Table Society)
  • Jasmin and Rob (Cactus Club)
  • Tony Peneff and Mark Shipway
  • Keith Nicholson, Crystal, Mark McNeil
  • Rob Clark (C), Neil Wyles (Hamilton Street Grill), Melissa Craig (Bearfoot Bistro)
  • La Taqueria boys
  • Trevor Kallies (The Granville Room) and Ron Oliver
  • Knockouts Tannis Ling (Bao Bei) and Sophie Taverner (The Diamond)
  • Steve Da Cruz of Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe
  • Paul Grunberg & Jake Skakun of L'Abattoir
  • Pamela Groberman and Peter Girges
  • Karen, Tim, Katharine, Switchblade
  • Jmaes Iranzad (Abigail's Party)
  • David Wolowidnyk (West) and Shaun Layton (George)
  • Chefs Dale Mackay (Lumiere) and Matt Batey (Mission Hill)
  • Robert Belcham and Tom Doughty (Refuel, Campagnolo, The Cure)
  • Simon Kaulback (Boneta) and Charles Ainsbury (The Diamond)
  • The crowd
  • Finding seats
  • Hosts Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes (of Shaw TV's Urban Rush)
  • Fiona Forbes
  • Eckford won the night. F-ing hilarious
  • Those who could give a shit kept scarfing while the awards got underway...
  • Campagnolo wins for Best New Restaurant
  • Uva Wine Bar wins for Best Bar/Lounge
  • Richard Jaffray (Cactus Club) wins again for Best Chain
  • Run for your lives! The Kingyo crew wins for Best Casual Japanese
  • Run for your lives! The Kingyo crew wins for Best Casual Japanese
  • Run for your lives! The Kingyo crew wins for Best Casual Japanese
  • Pino Posteraro of Cioppino's (winner Best Formal Italian)
  • Oops, we won for Best Informal Italian (L'Altro Buca) but we aren't open anymore...
  • VM editor Gary Stephen Ross with the Chambar crew (winner, Best Other European)
  • Sommelier of the Year, Kurtis Kolt
  • The Stanger twins (David and Michael of the Beach House and CinCin), Eryn Collins (Chambar), and Katharine Manson (Refuel) won Premier Crew service nods
  • Bartender of the Year, L'Abattoir's Shaun Layton
  • Nessa and Patrick celebrate dethroning La Regalade for Best North Shore
  • VM editor Gary Stephen Ross with Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sinclair Philip and his wife Frederique
  • James Walt and Steve Edwards of Araxi, winner of Best Whistler
  • Ryan Bazeley, James Iranzad, Mike Bernardo
  • David Hawksworth, Sarah Bancroft, Murray Bancroft
  • Supplier of the Year, Dirk Keller of Sloping Hill Farm
  • VM publisher Kim Peacock with Chef of the Year Frank Pabst (Blue Water Cafe)
  • Nimby burger girls
  • DB Bistro executive chef Nathan Guggenheimer, winner of the Best Dressed Chef of the Year Award
  • Aww...
  • Geoff and Josh of The Diamond en route to an after-party
  • Geoff Robinson (The Diamond) and Bobby Kay (Boneta)
  • Boneta boys
  • Tannis, Alex, and Sophie at Bao Bei after the awards
  • After-party debauchery

Restaurant of the Year

Gold: Blue Water Cafe

Silver: Cioppino’s

Bronze: West

Chef of the Year

Frank Pabst of Blue Water Cafe

Best New Restaurant

Gold: Campagnolo

Silver: Maenam

Bronze: Market

Best Regional

Gold: Bishop’s

Silver: “C”

Bronze: Blue Water Cafe

Best Seafood

Gold: Blue Water Cafe

Silver: “C” Restaurant

Bronze: Tojo’s

Best Small Plates

Gold: Cru

Silver: Bin 941

Bronze: Nook

Best Bar/Lounge

Gold: Uva Wine Bar

Silver: Pourhouse

Bronze: Bacchus at the Wedgewood

Best French (Formal)

Gold: Le Crocodile

Silver: Lumiere

Bronze: Market

Best French (Casual)

Gold: Pied-a-Terre

Silver: La Regalade

Bronze: DB Bistro Moderne

Best Italian (Formal)

Gold: Cioppino’s

Silver: Il Giardino

Bronze: Q4

Best Italian (Casual)

Gold: L’Altro Buca

Silver: Campagnolo

Bronze: La Quercia

Best European (Other)

Gold: Chambar

Silver: Irish Heather

Bronze: La Rua

Best Chinese (Formal)

Gold: Kirin

Silver: Sun Sui Wah

Bronze: Jade Seafood

Best Chinese (Formal)

Gold: Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen

Silver: Alvin Garden

Bronze: Koon Bo Seafood

Best Dim Sum

Gold: Kirin

Silver: Sun Sui Wah

Bronze: Gingeri

Best Japanese (Formal)

Gold: Tojo’s

Silver: Miku

Bronze: Octopus Garden

Best Japanese (Casual)

Gold: Kingyo

Silver: Dan

Bronze: Shuraku

Best Korean

Gold: Hanwoori

Silver: Sura

Bronze: Seoul House Royal

Best Thai

Gold: Maenam

Silver: Salathai

Bronze: Montri’s

Best Vietnamese

Gold: Phnom Penh

Silver: Pho Thai Ho

Bronze: Pho Tan

Best Asian (Other)

Gold: Spice Islands

Silver: Banana Leaf

Bronze: The Flying Tiger

Best Indian

Gold: Vij’s

Silver: Rangoli

Bronze: Ashiana Tandoori

Best Americas

Gold: Cobre

Silver: La Taqueria

Bronze: Latitude

Best Casual Chain

Gold: Cactus Club

Silver: Memphis Blues

Bronze: Joey

Best Steakhouse

Gold: Gotham

Silver: Hy’s

Bronze: The Shore Club

Best North Shore

Gold: Fraiche

Silver: La Regalade

Bronze: Gust0 di Quattro

Best Whistler

Gold: Araxi

Silver: Bearfoot Bistro

Bronze: Hy’s Steakhouse

Best Victoria

Gold: Zambri’s

Silver: Brasserie L’Ecole

Bronze: Cafe Brio

Best Vancouver Island

Gold: Sooke Harbour House

Silver: Amuse Bistro

Bronze: The Pointe at the Wickaninnish Inn

Best Okanagan

Gold: Waterfront Restaurant & Wine Bar

Silver: Bouchons Bistro

Bronze: Cabana Grille

Best Winery/Vineyard Dining

Gold: The Terrace at Mission Hill

Silver: Old Vines at Quail’s Gate

Bronze: Bacchus Bistro at Domaine Chaberton

Best Resort

Gold: The Pointe at the Wickaninnish Inn

Silver: Sooke Harbour House

Bronze: Fetch at the Black Rock

Best Service

Gold: Bishop’s

Silver: West

Bronze: Blue Water Cafe

Best Last Course

Gold: CinCin

Silver: Thomas Haas Patisserie

Bronze: West

Best Design

Gold: Market

Silver: Campagnolo

Bronze: Mis Trucos

Premier Crew

David Stanger (CinCin), Michael Stanger (The Beach House), Eryn Collins (Chambar), Katharine Manson (Refuel)

The Green Award

Andrea Carlson (Bishop’s)

Bartender of the Year

Shaun Layton (George Ultra Lounge)

Supplier/Producer of the Year

Sloping Hill Farms

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sinclair Philip (Sooke Harbour House)

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