“C” Restaurant Set to Receive 1st Spot Prawn Shipment of 2010


News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant will receive the first shipment of B.C. spot prawns on Thursday, May 6 to kick off the 2010 Spot Prawn season. Boats from local supplier, Organic Oceans, will hit the dock just below C to drop off the first prawns of the season to Executive Chef Robert Clark.

To bring in the new season, C Restaurant is introducing a Spot Prawn Tasting Menu starting on Thursday, May 6. The menu will feature dishes created by Clark, and as he puts it, “will showcase the fresh and delicious flavours that are perfect for the palette of any seafood lover.” Some of the new items include a Spot Prawn Sunomono, Spot Prawn Bisque, and a modern spin-off of the traditional Surf and Turf.

During the six to eight week spot prawn season, C Restaurant will be receiving their prawn shipments directly from local fishermen to the False Creek Yacht Club located below the restaurant. “We take pride in the strong relationship we’ve built with the spot prawn fisherman and particularly with Organic Oceans,” says Clark. “They deliver the prawns right up to our restaurant ensuring our dishes are the freshest in the city and allow us to uphold the sustainable practices we have come to be known for.”

Food lovers can be among the first to experience the new spot prawn menu offered at C Restaurant and enjoy the best seafood the West Coast has to offer. The Spot Prawn Tasting Menu is available exclusively at C Restaurant, located at 2-1600 Howe Street in Downtown Vancouver.

For more information about menu items or to book your reservation at C Restaurant please visit www.crestaurant.com or call 604-681-1164.

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  1. […] Local fisherman were selling the spot prawns for $12 per pound to the public, and it was no wonder that so many people were walking around with bags full of the tasty little crustaceans. There is a six-to-eight week window of opportunity for you to do the same, either by heading down to Fishermen’s Wharf or finding a restaurant in the city with spot prawns on the menu, such as C Restaurant. […]