Watch This Surprising “Streets Of Plenty” DTES Documentary…

My friend Guy Roland facebooked the link to this documentary about a local student named Misha Kleider who abandons all his worldly possessions for nearly a month to live on Vancouver’s downtown east side. At first, just listening the guy was a little painful because he’s a little too cutesy buttons to take seriously, but after watching what he went through (including toking back a rock and shooting up heroin) I couldn’t help but be absolutely flabbergasted. Streets Of Plenty is…

An unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver’s downtown eastside ghetto, this 65 minute documentary follows one man’s 30 day experiment of joining the thousands of homeless, ill, and addicted, who survive the streets of Vancouver’s cold, wet December. He starts off with nothing but a pair of underwear. Where he ends up is a place he never knew existed, even though its a place he passed by every day. This is the perfect film for anyone who wants to see first hand what life is like on Vancouver’s streets, but doesn’t want to risk murder from gang violence, contracting a fatal or chronic disease, or a life-long addiction to crack or heroin.

That’s part one above. Watch the rest after the leap. There are some great quotes in amongst the lot, including a face to face tooling of the Mayor, but my current favourite is “Holy shit! Looking at all those fucking rats!”

I think we have the order right, but if we don’t please let us know. Worth checking out.

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  1. Pretty risky undertaking. Doubt they got permission to film and all that… Have to watch it in entirety later.

  2. wow….thankyou for that. i have lived done there and was addicted to crystal meth for 6 years. i grew up on the north shore and it was hard to save my ass from being kicked for just that reason. today i am almost three years clean and sober. thankyou for illustating this is such a clear way.

  3. Happy to hear you have a better understanding. How you went about it was a little crazy. What an experiance! I must say you were stupid to do the drugs. You can witness and be apart of something with out having to do what everyone else is doing. I did not like how you gave the impression that an individual can do drugs just once and never do them again, I hope this was true for you but reality is it is not for eveyone. I hope others do not follow in your footsteps.

  4. I think it was pretty irresponsible for Misha to use drugs. I know of many people have tried crack for the first time and are now in dire straits. addiction is not something you want to play with. it is very dangerous. I pray that no young people watch this and think that because Misha tried to find out what it was all about, they can go out and try it. I can’t stress enough how dangerous drugs are. I wonder if Misha Kleider has used drugs since the one time on the documentary. or if he would even be honest enough to tell us.