Chef Butters of RauDZ Regional Table Launches New Food Line

    RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |
RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

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Kelowna, BC | Award winning chef Rod Butters of Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table, has recently launched
his rjb line of preserves and canning. This BC Restaurant Hall of Fame chef with a love for the plentiful fresh and local ingredients of the Okanagan has recently completed his first food line of products to be sold exclusively through the restaurant.

Each jar and bottle features local produce canned and preserved at its peak freshness and hand made with simple ingredients following the philosophy of its’ creator, Chef Butters. rjb’s “Carmelized Onion Jam”, made with organic onions was first served at Butters four diamond restaurant, Fresco, “Pickled Carrots” feature the delicious rainbow carrots from local Sunshine Farms, and “Heirloom Staccato Cherries in Spiced Merlot Syrup” showcase not only the valley’s bountiful cherry harvest but the award winning wine making skills of Jackson Triggs Winery.

The rjb logo are the initials of Chef Rod Butters and signify his high standards or “stamp of approval” on his signature dishes, the brand for both his restaurant and his food products.

About RauDZ Regional Table

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  • RjB: Chef Butters' initials signify his high standards

RauDZ Regional Table is owned and operated by the award winning team of Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao. Located in the Okanagan Valley, an area described by Chef Butters as the “ultimate chefs playground” the menu focuses on fresh, regional cuisine with fun presentation.


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