The New East Side Chocolatier You Really Need To Know About


There’s a new chocolatiere in town, and her name is Anne-Geneviève Poitras. She’s a native Montrealer who trained as a pastry chef before moving to Vancouver. Once here, she found it difficult to get her hands on the high quality, single origin chocolate that she wanted, so she decided to do something about it.

She ordered single origin chocolate  (made from cocoa beans cultivated in limited quantities and harvested from a single cocoa-producing country, like Mexico or Venezuela) and set to work making a selection of treats to seduce Vancouver’s chocolate junkies. She opened Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France at the end of the summer.

The charming, painted on exterior of Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

    It’s a tiny space with just three tables, warm yellow walls and a spartan display case that makes the product jump out. The storefront is adjoined to Anne-Geneviève’s kitchen, so as a pleasant consequence it’s filled with the most intoxicating aromas of fresh chocolate you can ever imagine.

    We happened upon the tiny shop while cruising Main the other day. It was a brief visit, but we managed to work our way through at least half of our possible options. We tried everything from simple milk chocolate to 60% dark with Lavender and 70% dark with chili flakes to Orange Blossom and Earl Grey Tea-infused truffles.

    The chocolates were smooth and complex without being too sweet, all subtly complimented by there own particular accents. In truth, we lost track of how many pieces we purchased (and immediately devoured) but I’d guess it would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of ten divinely made, perfectly balanced chocolates with our bill coming in under $10.

    Check it out | Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France |198 East 21st Avenue | 604-566-1065  | Closed Mon&Tue

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