City Approves 70,000 Properties For Laneway Housing, Finally…


We interviewed Lanefab’s Bryn Davidson and builder Mat Turner on laneway housing just last week. We’re raising a glass to them both today. Here’s the great news, via the CBC:

Homeowners in Vancouver can start converting their laneway garages into rental housing under a new bylaw passed unanimously by the city council on Tuesday.

About 70,000 single-family lots across the city are eligible to add the new homes, which can only be built in the area usually reserved for a garage, and only used as rental units.

On a standard lot, the laneway houses can have up to 500 square feet of floor space and be up to one and a half stories high. The idea was promoted by former mayor Sam Sullivan as part of his eco-density initiative.

Current Mayor Gregor Robertson said the new homes will help the environment by offering affordable housing for those who work in the city, allowing them to avoid long commutes.

I’m almost proud of pleased with city council, which leaves me sort of flummoxed (never thought I’d see the day). It’s like I’ve swallowed a bug and found it delicious. Let’s just hope these miniature 2 bedroom laneway homes don’t rent for $5000. Bets?

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More. More. More. To see what Lanefab’s houses look like, check it.

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