Drafting Soldiers For The Royal Society of Unicorn Watchers


There is this guy I know named Robert Chaplin. I’ve known him for a while now. He is a book person, a well established writer, designer and publisher. Our paths cross with some regularity and whenever they do I always move on feeling both uplifted and perplexed. He is a force of energy and enthusiasm for which there is no ready comparison.

Just recently, Robert inducted me into the Royal Society of Unicorn Watchers. To receive this great honour (bestowed on the phone two weeks ago) he insisted that I raise one arm in the air and place my other hand over my heart while taking an oath that was new to me. If my co-workers weren’t already a bit suspicious of me, they are now. But what do I care? I am privy to the secrets of this surprisingly new Society. I feel quite superior. If you want to be inducted yourself, next Thursday there will be a book launch for Robert Chaplin’s most recent release: Brussels Sprouts and Unicorns. It is expected that Robert will perform a mass induction at the event.


This is your one chance. Seriously. Don’t f@ck it up.


Thursday May 21 | 5pm | Walrus (3408 Cambie Street) | Be there or don’t get inducted.

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  1. i wonder if rob can get an actual unicorn to show up for the book launch at Walrus!!??