Okanagablog #412: Twitter Tripping in Kelowna

In the Okanagan for a few days, eating, drinking, and otherwise making merry. Kelowna specifically. Staying at Mission Hill. Currently at Jamie Maw’s house, drinking Heineken. I’m mostly mobile for a few days (pic taken at Jamie’s and posted via iPhone), so if you’re interested in keeping up you can follow me @scoutmagazine on Twitter.

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  1. That’s Ned Bell of Cabana. I forgot my camera for this field trip and had to resort to posting “live” with the iPhone. Michael Allemeier of Mission Hill was in attendance as well. Good times were had. Jamie was in fine form (he must have opened at least 11 bottles of wine for our little gathering), and his lasagna was the bees knees.

    The fellow had a gabillion cans of Heineken in his fridge…