We Get Our French Underwear In The Mail

Yesterday I was all about the spa gift certificate, but today my attentions have been swayed elsewhere. Don’t misunderstand, a spa gift certificate is a good gift to give. It’s an awesome gift, really. A divine and delicious gift, to be sure. But there is another option. A sexier option. And that option is a new Vancouver company called Panty By Post.

“Panty By Post is like a panty-of-the-month club, except that the panties are beautiful, high-quality, and French.”

Panties are thoughtfully selected each season (from an established, family-owned lingerie company in Montreal) for their quality, style and sexiness. You can send a Sexy Single ($28), a Sultry Six ($128) or make a real statement with The Commitment (12 pair for $188) and Panty by Post will send you their selections of the month (way better than opening the phone bill).

The smile that 12 new pairs of knickers in the post box will put on my her face is like no other. Trust me on that. But whoa – before you get carried away – I would recommend that you take a moment to consider precisely who on your Christmas list deserves French undies. Stick to safe relationships. Boyfriend to girlfriend or girlfriend to girlfriend = cool. As a token of thanks to your kid’s Kindergarten teacher or for your auntie with the forehead mole and Watchtower subscription: maybe not.

I’m thinking of ordering some for myself (you know, for research).

Check it out at www.pantybypost.com

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