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The Team

Dave Ross – Managing Director
Theresa Pallister – Partner


At Barmetrix we firmly believe that one of the keys to a successful and profitable hospitality business is having complete control of your liquor inventory.

Born from the old adage “You Can’t Improve what You Can’t Measure!” Barmetrix offers a cost effective solution to accurately monitor your liquor inventory and help you dramatically reduce losses / increase profits.  Our outsourced service saves you and your management team valuable time (a short commodity in our industry!) allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Barmetrix is currently servicing over 140 clients in Canada alone!  Here’s what we know from working with a range of venues in Vancouver and other parts of the world:

– The average bar / restaurant in Canada loses between 8 & 10% of its liquor inventory!  That means if your bar is selling approximately $20K / week in beverages = $1M in annual sales, there is potentially $100K that you could be missing out on!

– Barmetrix has consistently guided our clients to reduce variance levels to under 3% helping them recapture thousands of dollars in lost profit and providing a substantial return on investment.

– Most operators have no idea how costly this problem is to their business as they are using inadequate means of control.

– Theft is NOT the number 1 reason for variance issues!  While this is certainly a problem in our industry and in some venues a major problem, more often than not it is unintentional activity by bar staff such as over-pouring which contributes to variances in stock to sales.

Inventory management is just the start of the services we provide.  For more information visit or contact Dave on  / 778 888 9851.


Thanks Barmetrix for assisting our business and helping us maximize profits by controlling our liquor inventory.  I’m very impressed with how efficient the service is and how much we’ve benefited from their critical analysis.  I wish I had implemented this service from day one!” | Nigel Pike, Cascade Group of Restaurants.

“Barmetrix helped us increase our profits by minimizing the liquor loss; the results were immediate!  We have been working with Barmetrix for over a year now and are very   satisfied with their work and suggestions.” | Marian Doesburg & Werner Thalhammer, Black Frog Eatery.

“Over the course of 1 year Barmetrix has improved our business in so many ways.  I would highly recommend their service, do yourself a favor and get these guys in!” | Darius Minwalla, GM The Biltmore Cabaret.

We have been using the services of Barmetrix for over a year and have noticed a big improvement in our shrinkage.  The inventory reports are very timely and accurate allowing us to quickly address any inventory issues which arise.  The time saved by having Barmetrix handle our inventory allows us to focus our attention on other aspects of the business. | Patrick Greenfield, Queens Cross Pub.

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