YVR Prep


A6 5279 Still Creek Avenue | Burnaby, BC
Telephone: 778-552-8828 | Email: info@yvrprep.com
Web: www.yvrprep.com | Instagram | Facebook


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CEO – Ryan Mackay
VP Marketing and Business Development – Jason Wong
VP Operations – Josh McWilliams

ABOUT yvr prep

Food entrepreneurs across Metro Vancouver will be excited to learn that a massive, 10,000sf shared kitchen rental facility will soon be opening near the Brentwood area of North Burnaby! Offering much needed (and affordable) commercial prep space to a burgeoning local food scene that’s teeming with food truck operators, farmer market vendors, and everything in between; YVR prep is ready to meet the diverse needs of the Lower Mainland food community.

As the brainchild of partners Ryan MacKay (former Executive Chef, Queen Charlotte Lodge), Josh McWilliams (Executive Chef, Whisky Six BBQ), and Jason Wong (Founder, Beta Collective Coworking Space), YVR Prep is slated to open this November with a bold mission: to be an empowering community partner for aspiring food entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary resources needed to build and sustain successful food businesses which not only benefit the local food system, but local economies as a whole.

The management trio tapped contractor Panther Management Group to completely transform an empty warehouse on Still Creek Avenue into a state of the art commissary kitchen. YVR Prep comes complete with all new plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems to allow upwards of 18 companies to operate simultaneously with potential to double that number over the course of each day. YVR Prep will feature:

– a variety of affordable short and long-term membership packages • online/mobile member check-in and management system
– 18 stainless steel prep stations with storage racks and electrical outlets
– large communal cook line with: 20-burner range, deep fryers, tilt kettle, convection ovens, tilt skillet, and more
– separate cold kitchen for gluten free and vegan/vegetarian goods
– ice machine and high-temp dishwasher
– 60ft walk-in cooler
– 30ft walk-in freezer
– 1,000sf dry storage room
– 3,000sf coworking space with enterprise-grade wi-fi
– 1,500sf pop-up retail/event space
– value-add opportunities including extended health benefits and discounted group buys

CEO Ryan MacKay says “We had a blue sky vision for YVR Prep. Rather than taking over a pre-existing facility like a bakery or catering business, which likely meant we’d have to compromise with a space that can’t fully serve out our mission…we were determined to build our innovative commissary from the ground up. As chefs, this is literally our dream kitchen, and we think our clients will love it as much as we do.”

Permitting and construction delays notwithstanding, YVR Prep has already generated quite a bit of interest ahead of its soft launch in November.

“We’re fielding inquiries from food companies of all shapes and sizes,” says VP Operations, Josh McWilliams. “There’s such a shortage of functional commercial kitchen space that many food startups can’t expand production beyond their home kitchen, which is a serious bottleneck for our local food system. YVR Prep is committed to changing that.”

YVR Prep is also much more than just a space to produce better food. At its core, the commissary is designed to be a community hub. “Our local food system comprises a bunch of moving parts. But in order for the system to function efficiently and sustainably, we must nurture it through educational and collaborative opportunities,” says McWilliams. “On any given day, we could invite a Fraser Valley farmer down to the shop to tell members what she’s harvesting next Spring, or ask a local chef to test out a seasonal tasting menu which we’ll pair with an award winning craft brew. How amazing would that be?”

Applications are being accepted on our website. Call or email us for more information.