The Juicery Co.


The Juicery Co.
4236 Main St.

The Juicery Co. (Edgemont Village)
3130 Highland Blvd, North Van

The Juicery Co. (Lonsdale)
254 1st Street East. North Van


Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm, Weekends: 11am – 5pm, Closed Holidays |

Edgemont Village
Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm, Sun: 11am – 5pm, Closed Holidays |

Main Street
Mon-Sun 9am – 6pm, Open on Holidays |


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Alexandra Troll (Co-Founder)
Christina Prevost (Co-Founder)
Candice Savage (General Manager)

ABOUT the juicery CO.

In early 2013 we found out that a family member had stage four Esophageal Cancer. During the investigation of alternative treatments, it became apparent that nutrition could potentially offer the most potent healing medicine. Research revealed that juicing as a method of providing specific micronutrients, which would support the body with the challenge of living with cancer. We were inspired to follow what we knew to be true about health and wellness – this is how our ‘Dad’s Juice’ was created, and essentially was the start of what would be The Juicery Co, a family juicing company.

Our company has worked with naturopaths and nutritionists to develop specific juices that we like to consider nature’s medicine, so you too can feel the benefits of raw, organic juice. We purchased a farm in Pemberton Meadows in 2015 where we grow our own organic produce and pick our harvest each morning by hand. We have it juiced immediately after harvesting in order to ensure that we are providing the freshest produce possible. Now, four years since opening our first shop we’ve grown to three locations and maintain the highest quality juice available in Vancouver.

Most recently, summer 2017, we launched a delicious plant-based cafe menu at our Main St. location that we couldn’t be happier to share with Vancouverites and beyond. Olympian and Holistic Nutritionist Krist Richards of Solfeggio Foods spent the summer building out our cafe and passing off her recipes to fuel our community. Her recipes are designed with full mental and physical benefits to fuel the everyday busy schedule, nourishing your body to its optimum health. We’re beyond excited to share health and wellness to our community through a farm to bottle and now farm to table nutrition. We also offer a variety of delicious, fruit and veggie packed smoothies, smoothie bowls at all locations and an adaptogenic coffee bar based out of our Main St. location.

We hope to create a neighborhood-friendly atmosphere at all 3 of our locations where each guest can call our shops their second home and feel taken care of by our knowledgeable teams.

Whether you’re popping by for The Greenist juice and a Bullet Proof Americano to fuel a busy day ahead or nourishing your hunger with our nutrient-dense Sol Bowl, we’ll take care of all your health and wellness needs.