Foxtrot Tango Whisky


721 Humboldt St | Victoria, British Columbia, BC
Telephone: (250) 940-3126 | Email:
Web:  | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Monday-Saturday 6pm-1am
Sunday 6pm-12am


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Shawn Soole | Owner
Shane Clark | Owner
Jill Tulloch Owner


Foxtrot Tango Whisky Bar is the collective experience & culmination of decades of industry knowledge between Shane Clarke & Jill Tulloch of Clark & Co and Shawn Soole.

They wanted to bring a level of sophistication and style to Victoria harking back to the days of movie stars, crooners, stiff drinks and bubbly champagne. Foxtrot Tango Whisky Bar sets out to do just this with an elevated, modern look on the cocktails of the 50’s in a small, intimate room housed in the newly refurbished Doubletree by Hilton Victoria.

They have assembled some of the new breed of bartenders in Victoria and paired that with one of the most expansive spirit selections in the city. Come and feel like a movie star at FTW Bar.