DINER | Brick & Mortar “Juice Truck” Spot On Track To Open Tomorrow In Mt. Pleasant


by Andrew Morrison & Michelle Sproule | Mount Pleasant residents and fans of The Juice Truck – regularly parked at the foot of Abbott St. in Gastown – will be stoked to learn that the long awaited brick and mortar location opens tomorrow at 28 West 5th Avenue between Manitoba and Ontario.

The good news comes on the heels of a couple of successful dry runs that saw the smooth roll-out of a brand new food program drawn up by Lina Caschetto, who worked previously in the kitchens at Wildebeest, Cuchillo, and Les Faux Bourgeois (chef David Gunawan of Farmer’s Apprentice had originally been tasked with designing the menu, but we assume his upcoming Grapes & Soda project made the collaboration too time-consuming to commit to).

As we noted previously in our original reveal of the space, it’s a multi-purpose joint with retail frontage selling juices, cleanses, and a variety of packaged healthy supplements; a massive, fully operational commissary kitchen that plays double duty making juices and doing food prep (they’re also renting out a corner to the awesome ladies at Culver City Salads); a beautiful community space that’ll seat 26 people for sit-down pop-up suppers, screenings, and workshops galore; and a cozy parking spot for Ol’ Juicy, the truck that started it all.

Hats off to our friends at local design shop Glasfurd & Walker (see also Meat & Bread, Pizzeria Farina, Wildebeest, etc). They are branding wizards primarily, and this is their first interior. We think they’ve really nailed it “on brand” (dig the broccoli and banana bondage posters by Phoebe Glasfurd in the retail area, the three changeling fruit/veg posters by Alex Proba in the community space, and the painting of the Ol’ Juicy by Andy Dixon in the washroom). Take a closer look below…


DINER | The Juice Truck Gets Set To Open Brick & Mortar Location In Mount Pleasant

by Andrew Morrison | We recently took a look inside the upcoming brick and mortar location of The Juice Truck at 28 West 5th Avenue between Manitoba and Ontario.

Owners Zach Berman and Ryan Slater picked up the 5,000 sqft space (formerly Stanley’s Printing) back in August and have broken it up into three areas: storefront, commissary, and community space. The storefront will function as a 16 seat eatery/retail apothecary, selling juices, supplements, tinctures, teas, puddings and so on, with 3-4 quick and healthy breakfast and lunch items (vegan/gluten-free) from a menu designed by chef David Gunawan of Farmer’s Apprentice. The front doors are inset from the sidewalk, so expect a patio as well. The good folks over at Glasfurd & Walker (responsible for the branding of Meat & Bread, Wildebeest, among others) are doing the interior design.

The commissary component is massive, a high gloss testament to the success of a once fledgling mobile operation that is now looking to expand its reach beyond the Lower Mainland (it’s so great to see them outgrow the space that they shared with so many other food trucks next to Beta 5 on Industrial Ave – makes one wonder who will be next to leave the nest!). It accounts for some 3,500 sqft of pristine work space for juice production and cleanses, and as you can see from the shots above and below, it’s already looking pretty damn spiffy.

Finally, there’s the community space (the pinkish red room in the photographs). While it can and will seat 26 people for pop-up suppers and movie dinners, it will also be used for nutrition and fermenting workshops, yoga classes, kids activities, and more.

Juice production starts in April, and the retail/eatery frontage will open to the public (if all goes according to plan) on May 1st.


DEFINITIVE RECORDS | The 3 Albums That Anchor The Tastes Of Super Vancouverites

November 21, 2013 


Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Zach Berman, the co-owner of The Juice Truck, which you can regularly find parked at Abbott & Water in Gastown dispensing good health with a straw.


“This was way harder than I thought…too many good records that inspired different times. Alas, here we go.”

Neil Young – Harvest Moon LISTEN | “This was our dinner time album growing up. Everyone has an album like that. There’s just something comforting about a good nostalgic album.”

Wolf Parade – Apologies to the Queen Mary | LISTEN | “My favourite contemporary Canadian band and probably my favourite album during university. It’s too bad they broke up. Everything they did was brilliant.”

Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney – Ram | LISTEN | “There are a few Beatles albums (and subsequent solo albums) that could be here. If Tom Waits was a Beatle he would have made an album like this. ‘Monkberry Moon Delight’ and ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ are two songs I never get tired of listening to.”


The Juice Truck


In: A big pink (technically, it’s watermelon) truck.
On: The corner of Abbott and Water Streets, Gastown. Sometimes Kits on the weekend.
When: 11:30am – 5:00pm, weekdays. Check our Twitter and Facebook for weekends.
Web: thejuicetruck.ca | Twitter | Facebook


The Team

Ryan Slater, Juice Tender
Zach Berman, Juice Tender

The Story

Never underestimate the power of a trek through the Himalayas to change your life. We (Zach and Ryan, Juice Tenders) tossed around ideas of going into business together for years, but it was two weeks into a Himalayan trek, snowbound in a small Nepalese village when inspiration struck.

We noticed the locals drinking a vibrant, sweet smelling, orange-coloured drink. We discovered it was made from Seabuckthorn berries and it supplied these high altitude locals with most of their nutrients. It was this juice, so essential to their health, which changed our perspective on juice and sparked a new idea.

We spent the next year travelling the world, never going very long without seeking out the nearest juice stand. How many other nutritious, Seabuckthorn-like juices and juice blends were there out there that we could bring them to Canada? Turns out, quite a few.

When we came home, The Juice Truck was born.

The Juice

Juice does some amazing things for your body and health. It’s also delicious, refreshing and hydrating, which is every bit as important. Especially the delicious part.

We make the most nutritionally complete juice possible. Our premium cold press makes juice that contains more essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes than juice made any other way. The cold press also preserves the natural flavours of the produce, which we feel makes the juice tastier.

We support local produce and organic farming practices as a way of extending our passion for healthy living beyond our cozy corner of Water and Abbott Streets. In the case of fruits and vegetables that just aren’t locally or seasonally available (mmmmm, pineapple), we take a long look at potential suppliers to verify their growing standards and practices measure up to our standards.

In 2012, we are adding The Juice Cleanse (thejuicecleanse.ca) to The Juice Truck family. It’s part two of our ongoing passion with all things juice.