HEADS UP: “Earnest Ice Cream” Set To Make The City Just A Scoop Or Two Cooler

by Michelle Sproule | Launching this weekend is Vancouver’s newest (and likely best) ice cream company: Earnest Ice Cream. It’s a passion project by ice cream lovers Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi (imports from Seattle and Toronto respectively), and they’ll have a selection of jars and ice cream bars in the freezers at Strathcona’s Harvest Community Foods and Woodland Commissary & Smokehouse, as well as a roving ice cream bike that they’ll be parking at the Kits Farmers Market every Sunday from here on in. We’ve tried some, and it’s top drawer stuff made with an emphasis “on local, seasonal, and creative flavours brought to you with as small a carbon footprint as possible.” Pints are packaged in reusable glass jars that sell for $9, with big bars selling for about $5. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to find out where they are on the bike!


GOODS: Local Ingredients Bring The Drive’s Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary To Life

Woodland Smokehouse is located at 485 Commercial Dr. in Vancouver | 604-681-0660 | woodlandsmokehouse.com

The GOODS from Woodland Smokehouse

Vancouver, BC | Imagine a business where you could take home top shelf restaurant flavour prepared by Executive Chefs at a price lower than most quality groceries. A business built by successful Vancouver restaurateurs and food specialists, Woodland Smokehouse is a foodie’s delight with a pantry full of mouth watering smoked meats, fish and sausages, freshly baked breads, a menagerie of sauces, stocks, pastas and fresh sandwiches to go. Your own kitchen will never be the same. More after the jump… Read more

GOODS: The New “Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary” Joins The Scout Community

We’ve invited the new Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary on The Drive to join our curated GOODS section as a recommended local business. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our awesome list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making Vancouver a tastier place to live.


Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary


485 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC
Telephone: 604-681-0660
Email: sales@woodlandsmokehouse.com
Web: www.woodlandsmokehouse.com | Twitter | Facebook


The People

Owners: Tyson Reimer & Ryan Murfitt (above)
Chef: Anatoli Belov

About Woodland Smokehouse and Commissary

Designed and conceptualized by restaurateurs’ Tyson Reimer & Ryan Murfitt [Cobre, Peckinpah], Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary is the proverbial, food factory and market. Nestled on the corner of Commercial Drive and Hastings Avenue, (Just off of Woodland Avenue), the 6500 square foot complex provides every necessity needed to produce, package, sell and ship fine food to virtually anywhere in the lower mainland.
Providing both the studio and gallery space, Woodland S&C has a seemingly endless canvas for any culinary artist to reach their full their full potential. Chefs & Restaurateurs have access to a retail storefront, which is branded and designed to take restaurant quality meals, back into the home. An entirely new concept for the Vancouver culinary community, Woodland S&C focuses on the professional chefs & food artisans providing meal solutions. Set to launch in early February Woodland S&C is destined to brand its logo on the Hastings-Sunrise community. Come in for a tour anytime, we are always interested in what others can, bring to the table.